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  1. Khoo Kongsi is a cultural place especially for the 'Khoo Clan' and is located in town area.
  2. Chinese New Year is a Chinese cultural celebration that falls on 1st day 1st month of chinese lunar calendar.
  3. Chap Goh Meh is a Chinese cultural celebration that falls on 15th day of Chinese New Year.
  4. Jade Emperor Celebration is a Chinese celebration / prayer which falls on the 08th day to 09th day of Chinese New Year.
  5. Bak Cang Festival is Chinese celebration on the 05th day of Chinese fifth month.
  6. Moon Cake Festival is a Chinese celebration on the 15th day of Chinese eighth month.
  7. Lion Dance is a Chinese cultural dance, mostly done on important days / occasions.
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    Dragon Dance is a Chinese cultural dance, mostly done on important days / occasions but not as popular as lion dance.
  9. Chingay is a Penang culture where organisation mostly chinese martial art groups balance/carry very big flags on different parts of their body like forehead, shoulder, etc.
  10. Martial Arts is more for cultural and sport purposes.
  11. New Year Celebration is celebrated in Penang every year after the stroke of 12:00 midnight on the 1st Jan.
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Religious Celebrations and Prayers
  1. Hari Raya Puasa is celebrated by Muslim people. It is a celebration day after fasting half day for one month.
  2. Christmas is celebrated by the people of Christian religion.
  3. Deepavali is an Indian community celebration. If not wrong, it is something like new year to them.
  4. Thaipusam is an Indian religious celebration where the devotees fulfill their vows they made earlier to Lord Muruga.
  5. Thai Ponggal Festival is an Indian harvest festival.
  6. Masimagam Festival is an Indian religious celebration where the devotees pray for safety when in sea.
  7. Indian Fire Walking is an Indian religious celebration in month of July where the devotees will walk across a stretch of hot coal.
  8. Wesak is celebrated by buddist on 15th of 4th month following chinese calendar, mostly by people of Chinese race in Penang.
  9. Flaming / Tua Pek Kong Celebration is a Chinese prayer which falls on the 14th day of Chinese New Year.
  10. Cheng Beng is a Chinese 'Souls day' which falls on 05th April every year. Prayer are usualy done on any one day a week before Cheng Beng day and one week after Cheng Beng day.
  11. Hungry Ghost is a Chinese prayer from the 1st day of Chinese seventh month to the last day of the seventh month.
  12. Kau Ong Ia Celebration is a Chinese prayer which falls on the 1st to nineth day of nineth month of Chinese Lunar calendar.
  1. My Grandfather's Funeral
  2. My Grandfather's 1-year Death Prayer
  3. Penang Museum No photos on the inside because camera is not allowed in there.
  4. National Day is celebrated yearly in Malaysia. National parade is a yearly event in Kuala Lumpur. In Penang, we have it in a smaller scale, usually march pass by students and some government departments.
Rotating Logos     Rotating Logos Tourism Malaysia   Places in Malaysia Malaysia is a multi-racial country, with Malay, Chinese and Indians as the major races. In Sarawak, their major race / ethnics group is orang Iban and in Sabah, the major race is the Kadazan. Therefore, we have many cultural celebrations in Malaysia. In Penang, majority of its people are of Chinese race. So most of the cultural celebration written here are Chinese culture and celebrations. It seems that the Malays do not have many cultural events. Their cultures are mostly in the form of dance and music like joget, zapin, boria, etc where they perform during a certain season for certain occasions mostly in east Peninsula Malaysia. The Indian race has many prayer celebrations and many gods too but I do not know about them. I was informed that July is their prayer month especially prayer for fire walking occasion.      Places in Malaysia

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