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This prayer day follows the indian calendar. I asked them but did not get proper answer from them. So I cannot give you the date. If not wrong, 'masi' is one of the indian month. This is one indian celebrations / prayers that has started to get more followers recently. I went there the first time in 2005 if not mistaken. There were not so many people people then compared to this year.

I reached there a little late so I missed the beginning part of the ceremony. It was also the same day as chinese lunar calendar 15th day of first month. Because I came here, I missed out this year's chap goh meh. I decided to come here because my grandfather passed away last year and I cannot celebrate chinese new year this year.

In fact this celebration / prayer started a few days (9 or 10 ten days before the date, if I got the man right) before the main celebration / prayer date. That was why on 17-Feb-2008, there was prayer going on when I got there to ask. The women mostly, will walk in a circle as they sing and sought of dance outside the temple. Then they will go and pray by the sea, see top right photo.

On the day itself, the devotees will also pray, light candles and let it sail into sea on a foam stand. A sea of lights can be seen from the photo on the left side of centre row. The god will be taken out, put on 'float' and sail out to sea and back a few minutes later. See photo on the right centre row. Fireworks were let off too.

The bottom photos show the god already back to land going into temple. This is a female god as they said. Fishermen prayed to this god for safety when in sea as to them. It is good luck to see a women in the sea as they said and so during this prayer day, the deity is sent out to sea.
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People outside temple
Photo of people outside temple
Women praying by the sea
Photo of women praying by the sea
'candle float'
Photo of 'candle float'
Float giving out fireworks
Photo of float in the sea giving out fireworks
Float back on land
Photo of float back on land
Photo of the deity
Photo of the deity

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