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It is a chinese culture to prayer to ancestor every year on the day they passed away according to chinese calendar. However, not every chinese practice this because they are either too busy to cook or they follow other religion. Most chinese do not do this anymore.

From what I know, my family since my grandfather until now we will have prayer days for ancestors. This is only done by my parents because we stayed with my grandfather. My mum will cook for prayers. My brother and sisters, uncle and cousins do not have such prayers. So, I guess I am the last in my family.

On one chengbeng day, I heard my mum saying people now-a-days are very busy and do not have time to cook for this. So they but some roasted chicken, duck and meat from hawkers to pray. Also cooked-vegetables can be easily bought from 'chap-fan' stalls. So, I guess next time, I will do that. Guess my mum has already prepared me for that. Hehe.
Coming events :
Next year 23rd 2nd month of chinese lunar calendar.

Photo of planks of ancestors
Prayers in temple
Photo of cupboard and table for praying to ancestors
Food offered during prayers
Photo of food offered during prayers

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