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Penang Cap Goh Meh Celebration is a celebration in Penang on the 15th day of Chinese New Year. It is also the Valentine's Day for people of Chinese race. The culture is that young ladies will throw 'kam' ('mandarin orange') into sea / river to get their life partner. So, chinese race ladies out there who want people to know that you are looking for a husband should 'tim kam' (throw orange) on 15th day of Chinese New Year.

Year 2007 'Tim Kam' event was held outside Kuan Im Temple. The oranges were thrown into a 'wishing pool' (see first row left photo) instead of sea / river. The pool was a square area with net as its roof and under the net were four big rectangle / square containers with water. The oranges thrown by people will fall into those containers. Rectangle area has 4 sides, so the organisers made this event a little 'special' by giving each side a 'special' name - health, love, career and wealth. ;-D

The stage shows during that night, 04-Mar-2007 were mostly cultural dances / costumes shows as seen in all the other 7 photos. There was a baju kebaya presentation, a sarong dance, some modern cultural dance and some modern dance with some modern songs. Hehe, how to put modern dances in cultural place. It was a 'humourous modern' cultural event. Year 2007 in 'Modern History'.
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Every year on the 15th day of first month in chinese lunar calendar
'Tim Kam' Place
Square area for people to 'Tim Kam' Photo
Malaysian Cultural Presentation
Malaysian Cultural Presentation Photo
Some cultural presentation
Some cultural presentation Photo
Some cultural presentation
Some cultural presentation Photo
Some cultural presentation
Some cultural presentation Photo
Baju Kebaya Presentation
Baju Kebaya Presentation Photo
Sarong Dance
Sarong Dance Photo
Chinese Song Presentation
Chinese Song Presentation Photo
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