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In Penang, majority of its people are of Chinese race and they are mostly Buddhist, Taoist or Christian. Wesak day is more of a Buddhist religious-cultural celebration and it is a public holiday in Penang. It falls sometime in May, on the 15th day 4th month following the chinese calendar. However, for year 2007, they changed it to 15th day 3rd month following the chinese calendar.

Penang celebrates Wesak day every year. Some roads will be closed in the evening for the Float Procession where most of the Buddhist association in Penang will take part. Just stand by the road side along the route but remember to go there early as the roads will be closed after 6:00pm. :-) Go padang where you can eat hawkers food while waiting. :-)oo

The main Buddhist association in Penang is the Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA) along Burma Road. It has a newly built school next to its main building.

Another Buddhist association is the Penang Buddhist Association (PBA) along Anson Road. It has a newly built building for old people. I do not know how they select the people who stay there. Guess, sometime in the future, I may want to stay there.

There are many other Buddhist associations in Penang and they do charity work like giving talks on health and religion. These organisations are non-profit organisations and they survive and grow mainly on donations.

Route : From Malaysian Buddhist Association, Pangkor Road, Kelawai Road, Burma Lane, Burma Road, Perak Road, Peel Avenue, Macalister Road, Perak Road, Anson Road and back to Malaysian Buddhist Association at Burma Road.
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Wesak Procession : 15th day 4th Moon of Chinese Lunar Calendar - open to all.
Float of Malaysian Buddhist Association
Photo of Float of Malaysian Buddhist Association
Devotees dressed in various types of costumes
Photo of devotees dressed in various types of costumes
Penang Buddhist Association's float
Photo of Penang Buddhist Association's float
Chaiya Mangalaram Temple's float
Photo of Chaiya Mangalaram Temple's float
Dhammikarama Temple's float
Photo of Dhammikarama Temple's float
A float during procession
Photo of a float
Monk's playing musical instruments
Photo of monk's playing musical instruments
Young followers
Photo of Young followers

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