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Penang Chingay is a Penang cultural 'sports' that is performed on certain days of a year. A chingay competition is held yearly in Penang. Chingay associations and any organisation will take part in the event to show their skills in balancing big flags and passing those big flags to their group members. Most of the groups were sponsored by organisations. So they have the name of their company on the flag. This is one way to advertise their companies.

Last few years, the number of companies that took part was just a few because chingay is now a dying art and culture. I guess the government will have to put more effort into reviving this Penang art and culture.

Chingay is not a chinese culture as I first thought. It is a Penang art and culture. In my childhood days, some thirty years ago, there were more flags and flag bearers. If not mistaken, I read that the organisers were thinking of scrapping 2008 year end competition. This is a real shame as this will kill one Penang culture and art. Worst of all, even I mistook it as a chinese culture. This shows how not well promoted this art is.

During this competition, some lion dance groups and dragon dance gropus also join the procession. Apart from this, some school band and floral float also join the procession. These are good because they get more people to see and maybe take up chingay in the future. Beside are some photographs of the kind of activities during 2007 Chingay competition.

First one, a float. Second, flags of some of the companies / organisations that took part. Third, 'lions' and 'dragons' that took part in the procession. Forth, a flag bearer balancing flag on his forehead. Fifth, a scholl band near Komtar. The rest are photographs of what they do, the last / bottom one showing a flag bearer balancing the flag using his chin.

Lastly, if Penang's poor government cannot afford this event, then a least try to promote it by finding companies to sponsor and better still join this event / competition. I think the Penang Chingay Association will be willing to teach its member. I am sure they do not want their 'sport' to die.
Coming events - be there
1) 2011-Dec-17     National Chingay Competition
Venue : Esplanade, Penang
2) 2011-Dec-18     Chingay, Lion and Dragon Dance Parade
Venue : Padang Brown to Esplanade, Penang
A float
Photo of a float that joined the procession
Organisations that took part
Photo of flags of some of the companies / organisations that took part
'lions' and 'dragons'
Photo of 'lions' and 'dragons' that took part in the procession
Balancing flag on forehead
Photo of a flag bearer balancing flag on his forehead
A school band
Photo of a school band near Komtar
Balance flag walking on stilts
Photo of flag bearer trying to balance flag while walking on stilts

Photo of flag bearer trying to balance flag while walking on stilts

Photo of flag bearers trying to pass and balance the pole standing on overturned bench
Balancing flag using chin
Photo of a flag bearer balancing the flag using his chin
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