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Lion Dance is a Chinese cultural dance. This dance is usually done during a special / auspicious day to a company or organisation. It is usually dance by a group of people from a martial art organisation. This service is not free. It has a fee and mostly, an 'angpow' will have to be tied high up with some vegetables for the 'lion' to 'eat'.

Chinese companies like to have a lion dance on the first day they open during Chinese New Year. This is done to bring in good luck to the company.

Lion Dance is danced by two people hiding under a "lion head" made from wood and the "lion's body" which is made from cloth. The person in front holds the "lion's head". The person behind will have to bend his body to be the "lion's body". When the 'lion' stands up and jumps up, the person behind will have to lift the front person up. The dance is accompanied with lion dance 'music / beat' played by a group of drummers.

The first row photos show the 'lion' still on the ground doing its antics. The left second row photo shows the 'lion' jumping up onto the stilts made of wood specially made for the dance. The middle second row photo shows the 'lion' standing up on the stilts with two feet. The right second row photo shows the 'lion' standing normally on the stilts. ISN'T IT CUTE?
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Lion standing on pots
Lion standing on pots Photo
Lion stare
Photo of Lion looking
Lion jumping onto stilts
Photo of Lion jumping onto stilts
Lion standing onto stilts
Photo of Lion standing onto stilts
Lion walking onto stilts
Photo of Lion walking onto stilts

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