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Georgetown was listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List on 07-July-2008 under title 'Melaka and George Town, historic cities of the Straits of Malacca'. UNESCO is a specialised agency and an acronym for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It was established in 1945 and headquarter is in Paris, France.

From the UNESCO site, The Historic City of George Town covers a core zone of 109.38 Ha and a buffer zone of 150.04 Ha. There are a few areas in Geargetown which are of interest.

The first area is around Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, near Padang Kota Lama where a celebration for the UNESCO Heritage Listing was held. Along this road and its surrounding, there are many different kinds of places of worship. They are mosque, chinese temples, indian temples and churches. Apart from these structures, along a few roads from Komtar toward Jalan Kapitan Keling Mosque, there are many chinese clan houses like Khoo Kongsi, Hock Teik Association, Teo Chew Kongsi, Lim Kongsi, Cheah Kongsi and many pre-war shophouses. Also Little India can be found around Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling side roads.

If you walk along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, from KOMTAR towards St George's Church area, you can see Penang High Court (left top row photo) on your left, Bank Negara Malaysia / BNM (right top row photo) or Malaysia's Central Bank on the right and Dewan Sri Pinang (left second row photo) in front of you.

If you turn left at St George's Church before reaching Dewan Sri Pinang, you can see the Penang Museum (right second row photo) on your left and City Bayview Hotel (left third row photo) in front of you. City Bayview is the only Hotel in Penang that has a revolving restaurant at the top of its building.

If you did not turn left at St George's Church and reached the junction of Dewan Sri Pinang, facing it, you can see Penang Session and Magistrate Court (right third row photo) on your left. In front of this court is Mr James Logan memorial. This memorial was built by the local to him because he was a very fearless, fair and dedicated lawyer who helped the locals a lot. If you turn left here, you can see Convent Light Street School, one of the oldest school in Penang. Walk a little further down and you can reach E & O Hotel and upper Penang Street Area.

If you turn right at Dewan Sri Pinang and a walk little further down, you can see Majlis Perbadanan Pulau Pinang, Penang City Council (left forth row photo) and also Padang Kota Lama on your left. On your right you can see Penang State Assembly Hall (right forth row photo) on your right which is opposite Fort Cornwallis on your left.

The second area is Beach Street / Lebuh Pantai area, near the Queen Victoria's Memorial Clock Tower (left fifth row photo). It is one of Penang's earliest financial area. The roads near this Beach Street are core Penang business area which is slowly fading away because the roads are very narrow. Here stand some old building like the Penang Standard Charted Bank.

The third area is the Penang Port area (sixth row photos) which has Swettenham Pier or Penang Port, Penang Weld Quay to Penang Clan Jetties houses (right seventh row photo). Penang Kastam building (left seventh row photo) is also located near the ferry area. One of Penang Island's bus terminal is situated in front of the ferry terminal.

The above areas are in the core zone. The important areas in buffer zone are Upper Penang Road to its junction with Burma Road and Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong and Lebuh Chulia. For those into shopping, try walking from KOMTAR towards upper Penang Road. Lebuh Chulia is one side road that has many nice budget hotels, tour and travel companies, restaurants and shophouses.

Brief info on UNESCO. The Preamble to the Constitution of UNESCO declares that ‘since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed’. UNESCO deploys its action in the fields of Education, Natural Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, Communication and Information.

Lastly, kindly help "Keep Penang Clean" to make Penang a nicer place to visit. I my future update, I might put the business and port area under one new page.

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Penang High Court Building
Photo of Penang High Court Building
Bank Negara Malaysia, Penang Branch
Photo of Bank Negara Malaysia, Penang Branch
Dewan Sri Pinang
Photo of Dewan Sri Pinang
Penang Museum Building
Photo of Penang Museum Building
City Bayview Hotel
Photo of City Bayview Hotel
Penang Session and Magistrate Court
Photo of Penang Session and Magistrate Court
Left Forth Row
Penang City Council
Photo of Majlis Perbadanan Pulau Pinang Building
Right Forth Row
Penang State Assembly Hall
Photo of Dewan Undangan Negeri
Queen Victoria's Memorial Clock Tower
Photo of Victoria Memorial Clock Tower
Penang Standard Charted Bank
Photo of Penang Standard Charted Bank
New building in Swettenham Pier, Penang
Photo of a building under maintenance for conservation
Penang Port's entrance
Photo of Penang Port's entrance and warehouse
Penang Kastam Building
Photo of Penang Kastam Building near the Ferry
Clan Jetties
Clan Jetties
Pre-war Shophouses
Pre-war Shophouses
Pre-war houses
Pre-war houses

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