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Hills / Dams
  1. Penang Hill / Bukit Bendera is a peaceful and slow-paced place with few buildings and shopping complexes. Opening hours : 06:30am to 09:15pm from Sun-Thur and 06:30am to 11:15pm from Fri-Sat. Telephone : 604-8283263
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  3. Air Itam Dam is at the middle of way to Penang Hill. Some people staying around Air Itam will go there for walks.
  4. Waterfall Dam is at Penang Botanical Garden. This place is closed to public and open only on certain occassions.
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  1. Tanjung Tokong
  2. Tanjung Bunga
  3. Batu Ferringhi
  4. Teluk Bahang
    The four beaches above are situated on the northern part of Penang island where you can find many hotels. They are opened to all. Oh yes, beware of Jellyfish!! They are usually not in groups (one or two here and there) so it is not that bad. However, enter at your OWN risk!! As for public transportation, there is Hin Bus (Blue Bus) serving this route passing through Pulau Tikus area.
  5. Pantai Kerachut
    The beach above is on north west of Penang island. It seems that there is a turtle sanctuary somewhere there. I have not been there for a very long time so no photos.
  6. Teluk Kumbar / Gertak Sanggul
  7. Teluk Tempoyak
  8. Batu Maung
    These three beaches above are situated on south of Penang island. Batu maung is more of a fishing village so there are many seafood coffee shops there.
  9. Weld Quay is in Georgetown and has a marine 'sport' area next to it. It is not a beach area but a port and jetty area.
  10. Kota Lama / Fort Cornwallis is in Georgetown and just a walking distance from Weld Quay. It is an old fort overlooking the sea. It is rocky near the 'coastal wall'. The sea water along this coastal line is not clean but people still go there for fishing! Fort Cornwallis opening hours : 09:00am to 06:30pm. Telephone : 604-2610262/3
  11. Gurney Drive is a one mile stretch of 'town beach' which is now filled with mud on the section near Tanjung Tokong. This popular part of Penang sea-line has changed the most (apart from reclaimed land along other beaches) since twenty years ago, maybe due to the changes in tide caused by the reclaimed land along Tanjung Tokong.
  1. Penang Municipal Park / Youth Park is mainly for Penang people to go exercise. It has 'outdoor gym with "equipments" for adults', kids playground, skating ring, an indoor gym, small X-Game area and small pool area across a river.
  2. Botanical Garden is also a place the Penang people go for exercise. However, this place has more plants and monkeys for visitors to see. Once a year, Penang will hold its flora and fauna week here where people and companies can 'show-off' their plants and flowers. It is situated near Youth Park. Opening hours : 05:00am to 08:00pm. Telephone : 604-2270428
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  4. Taman Rimba is a forest park somewhere north-west of Penang island and is quite empty. It is located a few meters away from Penang Butterfly Farm.
  5. Penang National Park Opening hours : 08:00am to 06:00pm. Telephone : 604-8813530 / 604-2013039.
  6. Taman Metropolitan Relau / Relau Park is a new park somewhere south of Penang island and is quite empty. Mostly for the residents there to go for walks.
Georgetown Area
  1. Penang Jetties Clan Houses are houses built standing on stilts by the sea banks
  2. Heritage Listing by UNESCO on 07-Jul-2008
  3. Upper Penang Road is the area / road opposite Eastern & Oriental Hotel (E&O Hotel)
  4. Little India is in Georgetown where many indian things are sold.
Temples / Places of Worship
  1. Kek Lok Si Temple is situated in Air Itam area. Opening hours : 09:00am to 06:00pm. Telephone : 604-8998222
  2. Sleep / Reclining Buddha is situated in Pulau Tikus, near Pulau Tikus police station. Opening hours : 10:00am to 06:00pm.
  3. Snake Temple is situated in Bayan Baru area. Opening hours : 07:00am to 07:00pm. Telephone : 604-6437273
  4. Goddess of Mercy Temple (Kuan Im Teng). Opening hours : 11:00am to 05:00pm.
  5. Sri Mariamman Temple. Opening hours : 08:00am to 12:00pm and 04:00pm to 09:00pm.
  6. Mosque. Opening hours : :00am to :00pm and :00pm to :00pm.
Other Areas
  1. Balik Pulau is located in the southern centre of Penang Island accessible from Teluk Bahang, Air Itam and Bayan Lepas areas.

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