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Esplanade is a historical site. It is located behind a navy base, just beside a road parallel with the coastal line. It is just a short distance away from Weld Quay. The City Hall and Town Hall are two historical buildings surrounding it on one side. Fort Cornwallis is situated here and has an entrance fee. The carpark is not free too.
Rotating Logos

The 1st and 2nd row photos show the part of Fort Cornwallis facing the sea and the clock tower is a near the round-about which has a turning into a the road parallel with the coastal line.

The second row photos were taken near the hawkers' area. The third and forth row photos were taken inside this fort when I was there in 2007. Though there was nothing much to see, the white cells kept some records of Fort Cornwallis and Penang. Short explanation of the recontruction was displayed.

This place is very important in Penang history because this was the place that Captain Francis Light landed when he came to Penang. Previously, this place was called Fort Point. Now, it is the place where most of the state public performances are held.

Not many people go to Padang Kota Lama area for leisure because it is in a busy commercial area in town, mostly offices and banks. Therefore, in the evening and at night, there are few people. Lastly, kindly "Keep Penang Clean".
Every Saturday :
Esplanade in action - depending on the organisers what performance will be shown
Outside Fort Cornwallis
Photo of Fort Cornwallis
Photo of Flagstaff
Clock Tower
Photo of Clock Tower
Children's Playground next to Eating Place
Photo of Children's Playground next to Eating Place
People sitting around eating area
Photo of Kota Lama
Open air stage
Open air stage
Wall of the Fort where people can walk
Wall of the Fort
Row of cannons
Row of cannons
Statue of Captain Francis Light
Statue of Captain Francis Light

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