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Penang Jetties clan houses are located next to Penang Ferry Terminal at Weld Quay. There are many different clan 'houses' like the Ong Jetty (where the Kau Ong Ia from Lintang Macallum 2 will be sent off), Lim Jetty, Chew Jetty, Tan Jetty, Lee Jetty, New Jetty (for Mixed Surname) and Yeoh Jetty. These jeties were some of the houses of the settlers during the time of British occupation for people which these surnames.
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The early days people of the jetties were mostly fishermen if not wrong. The houses (mostly wooden) were build on top of wooden planks which were laid on stilts. This mean that the house are standing on stilts which are standing on the sea banks. Now the sea banks are very dirty, mainly black mud and full of garbage.

Now, this place is very popular during chinese festivals such as Jade Emperor's birthday, Hungry Ghost festival and Kau Ong Ia festival. During Jade Emperor's birthday especially, many types of food such as small roasted pig will be cooked to offer to Jade Emperor. Big joss stick which is as tall as a person will be burnt during this time. It seem that a few jetties here have already started a half day stay where the visitors can enjoy the food and just join them in the houses.

They are part of George Town's cultural heritage sites when Melaka and George Town were recognised by UNESCO as a historic cities of the Straits of Malacca in early 08-July-2008.

The photos show mostly the different surnames' jetty. The others show some scenery taken along Lim and Chew jetties. Now, as my mother guess, people of different surnames live in the jetties and not according to the surname, but mix surnames just like the 'New Jetty'.

Do drop by these jetties to have a look and eat at their coffee shops when you go to Penang Ferry Terminal. Lastly, kindly "Keep Penang Clean".

Opening time is hrs and closing time is hrs. Entrance fee is RM (year 2013 price).
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Ong Jetty Signboard
Ong Jetty, the nearest to Penang Ferry Terminal
Coastal area of the Jetty houses
Photo of the coastal area of the Jetty houses
Houses along Lim Jetty
Photo of houses along Lim Jetty
Temple outside Lim Jetty
Photo of temple outside Lim Jetty
Lim Jetty Signboard
Photo of Lim Jetty Signboard
Chew Jetty Signboard
Photo of Chew Jetty Signboard
How and of what the houses were made
Photo of shows how and of what the houses were made
Houses along the Chew Jetty
Photo of some houses along the Chew Jetty
Tan Jetty Signboard
Photo of Tan Jetty Signboard
Lee Jetty Signboard
Photo of Lee Jetty Signboard
Mixed Surname Jetty Signboard
Photo of Mixed Surname Jetty Signboard
Yeoh Jetty Signboard
Photo of Yeoh Jetty Signboard

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