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Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple is located at Armenian Street. The opening hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm everyday. However, every 1st and 15th of chinese lunar calendar, they will open earlier for people to go for prayer. The entrance is free but you are welcome to donate to the temple. Though this temple is more like an association, it has a common chinese god called Tua Pek Kong or God of Prosperity and Morality.

This photo was taken during George Town heritage celebration time so Hock Teik gave a puppet show for visitors.

The top left photo shows the entrance from Armenian Street. The top right photo shows Hock Teik temple.The left second row photo shows the door to where the 'god' is placed. The right second row photo shows the stage opposite the temple.

This is a brief history of this temple, summarised from the information board on its wall near the entrance. This building was built in the 1850s for 4 societies and was the headquarters of Tua Pek Kong Kongsi. It has a history with Chinese Southern Fujian Community.

The 4 societies are :
1) Hokkien Kongsi - which consist of Cheah Kongsi at 8 Armenian Street, Khoo Kongsi at Cannon Square, Lim Kongsi at Ah Quee Street, Tan Kongsi at 28 Seh Tan Court (off Beach Street) and Yeoh Kongsi at corner of Chulia Street Ghaut and Victoria Street.
2) Cheng Hoe Seah - the Deity here is Cheng Chooi Chor Soo. It celebrates Chneah Hoay ceremony at Snake Temple on 6th day of chinese 1st lunar month.
3) Poh Hock Seah - which celebrates The Flame Watching Ceremony on 14th to 15th day of chinese 1st lunar month. It also celebrates Deity Tua Pek Kong or God of Prosperity and Morality birthday on 23rd day of chinese 8th lunar month.
4) Tong Kheng Seah - which celebrates Deity Sin Long Siang Tay or God of Agriculture & Medicine on 14th day of chinese 2nd lunar month.

The Hokkien Kongsi controls 5 temples in Penang. They are The Snake Temple, Tai Tay Eah Temple at Jelutong and 3 others.
Coming events
1) Flame Watching Ceremony - 14th to 15th chinese 1st lunar calendar every year
2) Tua Pek Kong birthday - 23rd chinese 8th lunar calendar every year

Opening time is 07:00 hrs and closing time is 18:00 hrs. Entrance is free. Donations will be appreciated.
Hock Teik temple's main entrance
Photo of Hock Teik temple's main entrance
Hock Teik temple
Photo of Hock Teik temple
The main deity
Photo of the door to where the 'god' is placed
Stage opposite the temple
Photo of the stage opposite the temple

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