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There are many Linux distributions that can be found in the internet for free. I have installed a few like Fedora, openSuse, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Sabayon, Linux Mint, CentOS and Slackware.
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I have given a brief introduction for some of these distributions in my webpage titled 'Linux Distributions'. Here, I would like to give you a little of my opinion of openSuse.

openSuse is another Linux distribution which I like because of its installation and user capabilities. In fact, I used it as the main Linux installation for my computer system.
Gnome  with computer menu opened on openSuse 11.4   

The objects or items in openSuse's panel menu is different from other Linux operating systems. Other than that, its desktops outlook is almost the same as the rest. Oh yes, I am a user of Gnome desktop environment and what is mentioned here applies mainly to Gnome desktop. As for KDE's panel menu in openSuse, I will check some other time.
KDE  on openSuse 11.4   

The 'drawer' on panel in openSuse was ok in the older version like 11.1. However, in version 11.4, the drawer cannot open. Most people could not be bothered about drawer because it can be replaces with another panel. Because KDE does not have system loader indicator, I do not like to use KDE.

One thing that I would like to mention here is that the window desktop which users see plays an important part for users in all Linux distributions. See Linux Desktops Environment.

Rotating Logos
The advantages and disadvntages of openSuse Linux distribution.

One advantage is that like other free and open source software, it is available for free, downloadable from the internet.
Gnome  with two windows opened on openSuse 11.4   

Secondly, the users have free support everyday from the internet and not from a particular company which may close on certain days. People from all over the world can help the users anytime, anywhere.

Thirdly, it has the support of Novell Corporation and is used as a PC-based operating system. So, it should have a better maintenance group.

Fourthly, it still has a root login which make it easier to make changes using mouse. Users do not have to use terminals.

As for the disadvantage, I would say that there are very few companies doing free and open source software especially in Malaysia. It is very difficult to find companies selling and supporting better known linux distribution like Redhat and openSuse. Linux is more of a DIY kind of software.

The second disadvantage would be lack of choices for software that runs on free and open source software.
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