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There are many Linux distributions that can be found in the internet for free. I have installed a few like Fedora, openSuse, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Sabayon, Linux Mint, CentOS and Slackware.
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I have given a brief introduction for some of these distributions in my webpage titled 'Linux Distributions'. Here, I would like to give you a little of my opinion of Fedora.
Gnome before 3.0 upon log-in on Fedora   

As I haved mentioned previously, Fedora is a PC version for RedHat. Fedora is maintain by a group of free and open source software people. Fedora, as I see it, is the most strict when it comes to following software licences. This means that it does not want any part of its distribution to have softwares that are not free source software or open source software. This maybe because they want to be a known as a serious distribution group which caters for businesses and can support the demand of businesses as well as home-users.

Due to its strictness, there are some home-user features that can be found in other distributions cannot be found in Fedora. One features that it does not support well is sound feature. As I like to play songs using my computer, I find Fedora not homeuser-friendly.
Gnome 3.0 applications in activities on Fedora   

Fedora's main desktop environment software is Gnome. Fedora is the first linux distribution to release Gnome 3 as its main desktop.

RedHat is a serious Linux distribution group where they 'charge' for their enterprise version. So, maybe, to maintain a free and open source software image and spirit, RedHat branched out a PC version called Fedora. RedHat does not force its users to use Fedora as its PC version or client version.

LXDE desktop with 3 opened programs on Fedora   
I think that most companies would not want their employees to use their computers other than for work. RedHat can maintain and support features that companies require and Fedora is not so home-user friendly. So, this combination makes it a good business pack as a whole.
Rotating Logos

One of the advantages is not having to pay for client or PC versions of software. Only the enterprise version for the number of users they want to connect to.
Openbox desktop with 2 opened programs on Fedora   

Second advantage is the users have free support everyday from the internet and not from a particular company which may close on certain days. People from all over the world can help the users anytime, anywhere.
Xfce desktop on Fedora   

Thirdly, you do not need to pay for standby nor maintenance fee unless you are a big organisation. Just have to make sure that your system is properly created, the hardware is good and your work is properly backed-up everyday.

As for the disadvantage, I would say that there are very few companies doing free and open source software especially in Malaysia. So, if you want people to go to your place to do support, then it would be difficult. Linux is more of a DIY kind of software.

However, I would say that Fedora is a good Linux distribution with many users and supporters all over the world. It is one of the best free and open source software to use.

Now, it uses Gnome's latest desktop environment codename ToPaz.
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