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Gnome is a desktop software for Linux operating system. It is a free software created by ... . ,
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Like most popular desktop software, it is very customable with panels, icons and drawers which can act as a panel too. It makes computer looks interesting and attractive.

Gnome is my favourite desktop on Linux operating system. I have been using it since I started using Linux operating system about 10 years ago. I find it easy to customise the outlook to suit my own style and movements.

One of its most outstanding feature is the system load indicator that accompanied it. This program give you the ability to monitor the system resources such as processor, memory, network, swap space, load and harddisk in a compact look. Size of display and colour can be selected by users too. This feature is available in the version before Gnome 3 came in.

Another advantage is that Gnome is the main desktop environment in Fedora. Therefore, it may be popular among business users who are more serious in their usage.

As I mentioned before, most of free and open source software can have different 'flavours'. For example, Linux operating systems has many distributions such as Fedora, openSuse and Ubuntu. Gnome desktop environment also has different 'flavours' in different distributions which provide alternative /choices to users. Some examples are shown below on Mandriva and openSuse.

Some screenshots of Gnome before version 3. This Gnome software was bundled with Mandriva 2010 Spring (code name Farman).
Gnome 2.30 upon log-in on Mandriva 2010S   Gnome 2.30 with 3 softwares opened on Mandriva 2010S   Gnome 2.30 after customising the panel on Mandriva 2010S   

Some screenshots of Gnome before version 3. This Gnome software was bundled with openSuse 11.4.
Gnome  upon log-in on openSuse 11.4   Gnome  with computer menu opened on openSuse 11.4   Gnome  with 2 programs opened on openSuse 11.4   

As for the disadvantage, it has a few. The main one which affect the number of users is the number of softwares that are bundled in the Gnome. If a desktop software has more programs bundled with it, more people will want to use it. Gnome has less programs bundled with it compared to KDE. This makes it not so popular.
Rotating Logos

The second disadvantage is that Gnome is more serious in knowledge type of softwares. Many people use a software because it is more game-friendly. Gnome has not many games built on it and therefore not attractive to users.

The third disadvantage is that free and open source softwares are built mostly by public. Therefore, it may be a little different on different flavours of Linux distributions and therefore not standardised.

The forth disadvantage to me is capability of Gnome version 3 (code name ToPaZ) to users. Gnome decided to rebuilt its desktop from scratch for Gnome version 3 because the older version uses codes which may be more difficult to maintain. Gnome 3 new outlook is completely different from its previous versions. I do not like this new outlook. The worst is it does not allow users to customise it outlook and the system load indicator was gone.

Some screenshots of Gnome version 3 which was released in early 2011. This Gnome 3 was bundled with Fedora version 15 (code name Lovelock).
Gnome 3 desktop upon log-in   Gnome 3 desktop when opened a program   Gnome 3 desktop when activities button clicked   Multiple windows can be arranged   Gnome 3 desktop when clicked activities button   Gnome 3 desktop when clicked applications button   

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