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Most of the places or buildings stated here such as government offices and palace are not for public to enter. This is a place for visitors to see the beautiful ministrial buildings and bridges in Putrajaya. Parks are opened to public until certain time. Other public areas which you can enter are Millenium Monument, food courts and shopping areas. Most mosques are opened to public for viewing but visitors must be properly dressed. Squares or Dataran are places where public celebrations are held such as National Parade and Youth day. For public transportation.
1. Precinct 1 : Putra Perdana Area
  1. Perdana Putra
    Perdana Putra is the office building where the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister works. It was completed in early 1999.
  2. Selera Putra Food Hall is between Putra Mosque and Putra Bridge. It has a few stalls selling drinks and some food.
  3. Putra Mosque
    Putra Mosque is situated next to Perdana Putra and Selera Putra Food Mall. It is by the side of Putrajaya Lake. This makes it look like floating on water.
  4. Melawati Palace
    Melawati Palace is located on top of one of the highest hill in Putrajaya. It is a royal retreat for the Yang Dipertuan Agong.
  5. Shangri-La Hotel is located near Melawati Palace opposite Putra Perdana Park.
    Places to stay
2. Precinct 2, 3 and 4 : Persiaran Perdana Area
  1. Treasury Building
    Ministry of Finance is located in Precinct 2. It has a few buildings such as National Accountant Building, Royal Custom Building, Treasury Building and Housing Loan Building.
  2. Millenium Monument
    Millenium Monument is located in Precinct 2. This tower has a base that has the shape of a ship. The glass 'wall' on the way up to the top of the base has short history of country. The tower is 68m tall.
  3. Wisma Putra
    Wisma Putra is Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is located in Precinct 2 on a small hill near Wawasan Square behind Ministry of Finance.
  4. Judiciary Palace
    Judiciary Palace is located in Precinct 3. It has the 5 storey building for judicial department and 2 storey building for courts and offices.
3. Bridges in Putrajaya : Jambatan
  1. Putra Bridge
    Putra Bridge is located along the northern side of Persiaran Perdana. It connects Precinct 1 to Precinct 2.
  2. Seri Perdana Bridge
    Seri Perdana Bridge is located along Lebuh Perdana Barat. It connects Precinct 8 and 10 to Precinct 1.
  3. Seri Wawasan Bridge
    Seri Wawasan Bridge is located along Persiaran Barat. It connects Precinct 8 to Precinct 2.
  4. Seri Bakti Bridge
    Seri Bakti Bridge is located along Lebuh Perdana Selatan. It connects Precinct 1 to Precinct 16.
  5. Seri Bestari Bridge
    Seri Bestari Bridge is located along Lebuh Ehsan. It connects Precinct 2 and 18 to Precinct 16.
  6. Seri Setia Bridge is located along Lebuhraya Wadi Ehsan. It connects Precinct 18 to Precinct 19.
  7. Seri Saujana Bridge is located along Lebuh Sentosa. It connects Precinct 8 to Precinct 4.
  8. Seri Gemilang Bridge is located along the southern side of Persiaran Perdana. It connects Precinct 4 to Precinct 5.
4. Parks and Lakes in Putrajaya : Taman
  1. Putra Perdana Park
    Putra Perdana Park is located on the same hill as Melawati Palace and just opposite Shangri-la Hotel.
  2. Botanical Garden
    Botanical Garden is located in Precinct 1, next to Melawati Palace and Putra Perdana Park on the east.
  3. Agriculture Heritage Park is located in along Jalan P16, Precinct 16. Photos are not allowed in this place unless a fee of RM100/= per hour is paid!!
  4. Nature Forest Park is located on the eastern side somewhere in Precinct 15.
  5. Purtajaya Wetlands Park is located north of Botanical Garden near Pesiaran Persekutuan in Precinct 13.
  6. Wawasan Park is located in Precinct 2, around Wisma Putra, behind the Finance Ministry. It is easiest to access of all parks and can be accessed through Persiaran Perdana.
  7. Purtajaya Lake is a man-made lake. It made Precinct 2, 3, 4 and Precinct 18 an island surrounded by the lake.
    Places to stay
5. Others
  1. Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex is located in Precinct 3. Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque can be seen at the back.
  2. Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) is located in Precinct 5 and has 9 levels. It covers an area of 135,000 sq meter. Its biggest hall is the Plenary Hall which can accommodate 3,000 people. Banquet hall can accommodate 4,500 guest for cocktail and 2,000 guest for banquet. Its main hall has a shape of the eye of silver royal belt buckle. It has 1,200 car park lots. It is a place for high security risk events.
6. Squares along Persiaran Perdana :
  1. Putra Square or Dataran Putra is an area in Precinct 1 surrounded by Perdana Putra, Putra Mosque and Selera Putra Food Hall.
  2. Wawasan Bridge taken from Wawasan Square
    Wawasan Square or Dataran Wawasan is the area in front of the Finance Ministry in Precinct 2.
  3. Putrajaya Square
    Putrajaya Square or Dataran Putrajaya is the area near Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex in Precinct 3.
  4. Rakyat Square or Dataran Rakyat is the area in Precinct 4 after Putrajaya Square.
  5. Gemilang Square or Dataran Gemilang is the area before Seri Gemilang Bridge.
Public Transportation to Putrajaya Top
For those travelling on your own using public transportation, use an Express Rail Link service called KLIA Transit to get down at Putrajaya station at Precinct 7. Near this station is Putrajaya main bus terminal called Putrajaya Sentral. Its main bus company is called Nadi Putra. The bus fare is cheap. It is the same at RM0.50 throughout the whole of Putrajaya. I have some of the bus numbers and their drop points which I will give some other time elsewhere.
Places to stay

For those who want to go to Cyberjaya and some other places near Putrajaya using public transportation, RapidKL can be taken from Putrajaya Sentral. RapidKL does not have may routes from Putrajaya Sentral.

As Putrajaya has very few hotels, tourists who want to stay in cheaper hotels are encourage to stay either in KL, towns in Selangor which have public transport to Putrajaya or Seremban where tourists can take Rawang-Seremban KTM Komuter.

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