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Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera is the only hill in Penang that is easily accessible to tourists. In my opinion, there is nothing much to see and buy in Penang Hill except for its cool air which is not cold when the whether is hot.
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However, if you were to visit Penang, you should visit Penang Hill for its simplicity as a Hill 'Resort'. Take the Penang Hill Train up. There is nothing much on the way up except trees on both sides of the train. So why visit such a place?

Because it is a slow and undeveloped hill resort or park at the hill top. Most parks in Penang are partly surrounded by 'range of hills or foot of hills' which make those parks cool unlike Penang Hill where is it an open space not surrounded by hill or jungle but still cool due to its height.

When I went up to take these photos, the Tea Kiosk was closed for renovation. So, I could not take any photo from there. Long time ago when I went up Penang Hill, the Tea Kiosk area had many flowers. Lastly, kindly "Keep Penang Clean".

Train fees for Malaysians are different from foreigners. Disabled person gets free complimentary ride.

Malaysian Fare Two-way trip One-way trip
Adult RM8.00 RM5.00
Senior citizen (above 60 years old) RM4.00 Ask counter
Children (4 to 12 years old) RM4.00 RM2.00
Student RM4.00 Ask counter

Foreigner Fare Two-way trip One-way trip
Adult RM30.00 RM17.00
Senior citizen (above 60 years old) RM30.00 Ask counter
Children (4 to 12 years old) RM15.00 RM10.00
Student RM15.00 According to age group, (I guess)

Family Package (2-way trip) Foreigner Malaysian
2 Adult + 1 child RM65.00 RM17.00
2 Adult + 2 child RM70.00 RM18.00
2 Adult + 3 child RM75.00 RM19.00

There is no fixed train schedule as the frequency depends on the crowd. During peak time / hours, the frequency is normally 15 minutes. During non-peak time / hours, the frequency is 30 minutes. Anyway, if you want to stay until late at night, it would be best to ask the counter people when you want to go up.

Train Schedule Weekdays (hrs) Weekends, public & school holidays (hrs)
Opening Time 0630 0630
Closing ticketing time (bottom station) 2100 2200
Closing ticketing time (Penang Hill) 2130 2230
Last Train from Penang Hill 2200 2300

Coming events - none
Going through the tunnel
Photo of Going through the tunnel
Road below 'Tea garden'
Photo of Road below 'Tea garden'
Indian Temple
Photo of Indian Temple
Mosque : with badly maintained 'Name stone'
Photo of Mosque : with badly maintained 'Name stone'
Photo of Signboard : Can go to 1st three places only
View from Bellevue Hotel
Photo of View from Bellevue Hotel
Entrance to foot of Penang Hill
Photo of Entrance to foot of Penang Hill
Photo of Train coming up
Train passing
Photo of Train passing, going up

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