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Gurney Drive is located near Pulau Tikus area facing the sea. It is popular not for its beach but for its hawkers' food area and shopping area. Tourists like to visit this place because it is near the Tanjung Tokong to Teluk Bahang stretch of beaches.

The left first row photo shows the left end side (facing sea) of gurney drive coastal line which has a restaurant. The right first row photo shows gurney during low tide (in fact most of the time). The brownish-grey stripe of line at the background is the reclaimed land along Tanjung Tokong where construction work are being carried out at the time when the photo was taken. The rest of the brownish-grey area is the 'beach' and the blue rea at the background is the sea. This is called 'No Sand Beach, Just Mud Beach'. Haha!!

The left second row photo shows the right side (facing sea) of Gurney Drive. It can be seen that Gurney Drive is a 'No Sand Beach, Just Mud Beach' from the restaurant on the left until about middle of the Gurney Drive. The middle to right end has a narrow stretch of 'dirty' sand beach.

The remaining three photos show the hawkers' food area. There are many hawker stalls there and the food there is not expensive. This place has many carpark lots at the road side which is quite cheap and free motorcycle park. There is a taxi stand very near the hawkers' area. There is a bus stop and a taxi stand along the main road behind Gurney Drive.

This is about all for Gurney Drive though is is quite famous. Oh yes, lastly, kindly "Keep Penang Clean".
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Photo of Restaurant
No Sand Beach, Just Mud Beach
Photo of No Sand Beach, Just Mud Beach
Gurney Drive
Photo of Gurney Drive
Mudskippers covered with mud
Hawker Stalls Area
Photo of Hawker Stalls Area
Mudskipper and Crab
Mudskipper and Crab

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