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Warzone (Acceptable by my standard. ****)
Warzone is a battle game but with space-age scenarios. Warzone software package comes with 5 selections in its main menu. The selections are :

1. Single Player : has 4 options. They are :
a. New Campaign : New Campaign is a selection to play the game fresh starting from the lowest level. The player starts without any structure. If you continue after completing each level, you will be given a next level with higher difficulty automatically. Players do not get to choose.
b. Start Skirmish : Start Skirmish is interesting because players get to choose to have scavengers, distance fog instead of fog, the power level and the technology / base level. Player also get to choose to have teams and the scenario of the game. I have never completed any scenario before for this Skirmish option.
c. Challenges : Challenges has 3 options. The first option is the beginner's / easiest level and is called 'Back to Basics'. The second option is called 'Hide Behind Me'. The last option is the hardest and is called 'No Place To Hide'.
d. Load Games : In this option, players get to choose the game where the players have saved earlier. The game will continue from where it was saved. Games from all the three selections above can be saved.

2. Multi Player : has 2 options. They are

3. Tutorial : has options. They are

4. Options : has options. They are

5. View Intro will give you the background / story of the game.

Warzone 2100 has a few zones. Players play the Alpha Team that starts in the Western Zone. Western Zone which I will call the beginners level has about 14 scenarios or stages. After securing the Western Zone, players are to help Beta Team in the Eastern Zone which I will call Intermediate Level.
How to play Warzone 2100
There are 6 hexagonal icons surrounding 1 hexagonal icon at the bottom left conner of the screen. The 6 hexagonal icons are very important.

1. The bottom hexagonal icon is for the player to design the tanks, trucks, and aircraft that the want.

2. The bottom right hexagonal icon will display what structures can built at that moment.

3. The top right hexagonal icon will show what research can be done at that moment and what the research facilities are doing (by clicking on the research facility).

4. The top hexagonal icon will show the design that was chosen by the player so that the player can choose the units to build for a particular factory. It can also show what each factories are doing by clicking on the particular factory icon.

5. The top left hexagonal icon is for a player to select what to do with a particular Command Turret Truck.

6. The bottom left hexagonal icon will show what researches were done and some notes on what the researches are for.

The objective of this game is to recover all the artifacts in every scenario. The artifacts are all in enemy bases except in one game where you must intercept the enemy and prevent them from taking the artifact to their base.

The game ends if you do not find all the artifacts in the given time or if all your units die. For the exception scenario, if the artifact reached the base for transport landing, it will be taken away and the game will end.

Single Player (against computer) : New Campaign

Western Zone : Beginners Level - 14 stages
Warzone can be played starting from nothing except 2 trucks and 4 tanks. I will call these as units. Trucks are for building new structures and repairing old structure that was attacked by opponent. Tanks are for attacking opponent and defending base and structures from intruders. From here you must then build structures which will cost energy.

Actually when the game starts, a certain amount of energy, 1300 is given to you. You can actually build factory first instead of following the order I mentioned below if you want to have more units to create structure faster or defend your base. However, building the first two structures above first will give you more energy first to build more things.

Doing research is important because it enables you to build stronger and better structures to defend your base and more powerful and stronger units to attack and defend themselves. So, when research icon blinks, quickly do research. However, doing research takes energy. The higher the level of research, the more energy it requires.

As the technology capabilities improve, turrets, a kind of truck, can be designed to repair machines (both trucks, tanks, hovercrafts and more advance machine such as planes and cyborgs).

Halfway through the first game, you will be able to do research on bullets such as Hardened MG Bullets, APDSB MG Bullets, APDSB MG Bullets MK2. This results in better quality machinegun and the ability to research on Machinegun Guard Tower.

Time Limit and Resources for Western Zone Stages
1. Game 1 time limit is not shown and there are 3 oil resources for you to capture.

2. Game 2 time limit is 60 minutes and there is another 1 oil resource to capture.

3. Game 3 time limit is 15 minutes and there ... oil resources to capture.

4. Game 4 time limit is 30 minutes.

5. Game 5 time limit is 60 minutes.

6. Game 6 time limit is 120 minutes.

7. Game 7 time limit is minutes.

8. Game 8 time limit is minutes.

9. Game 9 time limit is minutes.

10. Game 10 time limit is minutes.

11. Game 11 time limit is 60 minutes. Can research and use python body at this stage.

12. Game 12 time limit is 30 minutes.

13. Game 13 time limit is 120 minutes.

14. Game 14 time limit is 10 minutes. To gather trucks to be sent to eastern zone.

Time Limit and Resources for Eastern Zone Stages
1. Game 1 time limit is minutes. Can transport units from game 14 above a few times only. Still cannot get through this game because enemy units uses tiger body which are too strong for my units which used python only.

Game time limit is minutes.
Structures That Can Be Built :       Back

1. Power : Oil Derrick, Power Generator and Power Module,

2. Factory : there are 3 types of factories. They are :
a. Normal Factor can make trucks and tanks.
b. Cyborg Factory can make cyborgs only
c. VTOL Factory can make aircrafts including cyborg transport aircraft.

3. Control Centre is important for the scenario map that is shown on the bottom right of the screen.

4. Research Facilities : It is important to do research in order to get the required structures. If you do not want certain structures, just do not research on it as it will use up your energy. For example. I find Flamer useless, so I do not do research to further its technology.

One important point to take note here is the order of research that can be taken. Some research can have 2 further research after them. Below are some researches that can be taken and the further researches that follow after them.

a. Hardened MG Bullets -> APDSB MG Bullets -> APDSB MG Bullets MK2 -> Machinegun Tower (all in Game 1),
b. Truck Engineering -> Repair Turret, Sensor -> Sensor Turret (all in Game 2),
c. Flamer -> High Temperature Flamer Gel -> High Temperature Flamer Gel MK2 -> High Temperature Flamer Gel Autoloader and High Temperature Flamer Gel MK3 -> Superhot Flamer Gel -> Superhot Flamer Gel MK2 -> Heavy Flamer and Inferno (if not all ersearches are done in a game it can be carried forward to the future game.),
d. Mini Rocket Pod -> HE Mini Rocket -> HE Mini Rocket Mk2 -> HE Mini Rocket Mk3 ->
e. Hardcrete -> Improved Hardcrete -> Improved Hardcrete Mk2 -> Improved Hardcrete Mk3 -> Supercrete (for Bunker)
Hardcrete -> Improved Hardcrete -> Reinforced Base Structure Material -> Reinforced Base Structure Material Mk2 -> Reinforced Base Structure Material Mk3 (for Base Structures)
f. Factory Module (research cobra body) -> Automated Factory Production -> Automated Factory Production Mk2 (to make higher level body and wheels) -> Automated Factory Production Mk3 -> Robotic Manufacturing -> Cyborg Factory
g. Light Cannon -> Heat Cannon Shells -> Medium Cannon -> Medium Cannon HP -> APFSDS Cannon Rounds -> Cannon Autoloader -> HVAPFSDS Cannon Rounds -> Cannon Laser Rangefinder, Cannon Laser designator -> Hypervelocity Cannon -> Heavy Cannon -> Heavy Cannon HP -> Assault Cannon -> Hypervelocity Cannon Emplacement -> Cannon Fortress, Haevy Cannon Bastion
h. Mortar -> Mortar Pit -> HE Mortar Shell -> HE Mortar Shell Mk2 -> HE Mortar Shell Mk3 (all in Game 5) -> Mortar Autoloader, Mortar Targeting Computer -> Heap Mortar Shell -> Mortar Fast Loader -> Thermal Imaging Mortar Shells -> Target Acquisition Mortar Shells
i. Hurricane AA Turret -> Hurricane AA Site (to shoot aircraft) -> AA HE Flak -> AA Heap Flak -> AA Ammunition Hopper -> AA Chainfeed Loader
j. VTOL Factory -> VTOL Heap Bomb Bay -> VTOL Cluster Bomb Bay -> VTOL Cannon
k. Composite Alloy (for better tanks body)
l. Fuel injection (for better wheels)

However, the arrangement above might be different. For example, the New Campaign games, Factory -> Factory Module (to improve factory capabilities) -> ... but in Start Skirmish, Factory -> Cyborg Factory -> Factory Module -> ... . For other games where you team up with other players, the arrangement might jump or some researches are skipped.

5. Ground Tower (GT) : is the low level high defence structure. The common ones are :
a. Machinegun (MG) GT,
b. Sensor GT,
c. Mini Rocket GT,

6. Traps : Tank Traps are just spikes to slow down movements of trucks and tanks including own units.

7. Hardpoints : are intermediate level of high defence structure. Some common ones are :
a. Heavy Machinegun the most basic hardpoint and shoots fast.
b. Light Cannon is not important and I always further another one / two researches to get a better cannon hardpoint.
c. Medium Cannon is important because it is stronger than Light Cannon and shoots faster than Lancer.
d. Lancer not important to me because it take longer time to get ready to shoot.
e. Heavy Cannon is very important especially in game 13 where you have protect your base when you are transported to the scenario.

8. Bunkers are low defence structures. They are quite strong structure and therefore a good defence structure. Some common ones are :
a. Machinegun is the most basic bunkers. It is quite strong and shoots fast.
b. Mortar is the most important bunkers or pit a player should have. All it later product are very important bunkers because it can target enemy at a very far distance. However, it is a little slower.
c. Light Cannon is not important to me because it find it less powerful than mortar.
d. Flamer is not important to me because its distance of fire is very short and therefore the enemy must be very near to be of use.
e. Medium Cannon is ok but I rarely use because I like mortar.

9. Command Relay Post : , , ,

. Fortress : this is the high level high defence structure. It is very strong and is a few of the final part of research that can be taken. Some of them are :
a. Cannon Fortress is the first high level defence structure that can be built. In fact, this is the only high level fortress required because it can target any type of units, landed craft, hovercraft and aircraft. , ,

. : , , ,

. : , , ,

1st Scenario structures.
Oil Derrick is the first structure or building you must build. Oil is the most important item in this game because it provides energy. Energy give you power to make new units. Building Oil Derick does not cost anything.

Power Generator is the next structure you must built in order to generate power from the oil derrick. The oil derrick would not move or provide energy until power generator is completed. Power Generator cost 100. One power generator can cater for 3 Oil Derrick only. If you have more than 3 or 4 Oil Derrick, you need to build an extra power generator.

Factory is the third structure you should build. Factory allows you to create units. Having more trucks building a structure will speed up completion tome of the structure. Factory cost 100.

Research Facilities is the forth structure you should build. You cannot do any research until you find an artifact and take it. Research Facilities cost 100.

Control Centre is the fifth structure you should build. Control Centre is useful because it show you the map of the scenario and in the later stages, higher technology structures and units cannot be build if this structure is destroyed. Control centre cost 100.

Machinegun Guard Tower will automatically fire when enemy units come into its range. This is the first structure that results from doing research. Machinegun Guard Tower cost .

2nd Scenario new structures.
Sensor Tower

3rd Scenario new structures.

4th Scenario new structures.

Units That Can Be Designed (for trucks, tanks and hovercrafts) :
1. Body :
a. Viper -> Cobra -> Python (low level)
b. Bug -> Scorpian -> Mantis (lowest level)
c. Leopard (must have ) -> Panther -> Tiger (can auto repair itself, intermediate level)
d. Retaliation -> Retribution -> Vengeance (intermediate level)
e. Wyvern -> Dragon (high level)

2. Wheels : Wheels -> Half-Track -> Track (must have ), Hover

3. Top :
a. System : Truck,
b. System : Command Turret,
c. System : Mobile Repair Turret, Heavy Repair Turret,
d. System : Sensor Turret, Wide Spectrum Sensor,
e. System : Radar Detector, CB Radar Turret -> VTOL CB Radar Turret, VTOL Strike Turret,
f. Guns (Flamer) : Flamer -> Heavy Flamer, Inferno -> Plasma Flamer
g. Guns (MG) : Machinegun, Heavy Machinegun, Twin Machinegun, Twin Assault Gun, Rail Gun,
h. Guns (Rocket) : Mini Rocket Pod->Mini Rocket Array, Ripple Rocket, Vindicator SAM
i. Guns : Lancer
j. Guns (Mortar) : Mortar -> Bombard Mortar -> Pepperpot -> Incendiary Mortar
k. Guns (Cannon) : Light Cannon -> Medium Cannon -> Assault Cannon, AA Flak Cannon, Hyper Velocity Cannon (shoots both aircraft and landcraft), Heavy Cannon, Twin Assault Cannon, EMP Cannon, Plasma Cannon and Gauss Cannon
l. Guns (shoot Aircraft only) : Sunburst AA -> Hurricane AA Turret,
m. Guns (Laser) : Heavy Laser, Pulse Laser,
n. Guns (Missile) : Scourge, Archangel, Seraph Missile Array,
o. Guns (Turret) : Whirlwind AA Turret, Nexus Link Turret
p. Guns : Bunker Buster
q. Guns : Groundshaker
r. Guns : Incendiary Howitzer
s. Guns : Hellstorm

Units That Can Be Designed (for aircrafts) :
1. Body :
a. Viper -> Cobra -> Python
b. Bug -> Scorpian -> Mantis
c. Leopard (must have ) -> Panther -> Tiger
d. Retaliation -> Retribution -> Vengeance
e. Wyvern -> Dragon
2. Wheels : VTOL
3. Top Guns (VTOL) : VTOL Heap Bomb Bay, VTOL Cluster Bomb Bay, VTOL Cannon, VTOL Phosphor Bomb Bay, VTOL Thermite Bomb Bay, VTOL Plasmite Bomb Bay, VTOL EMP Missile Launcher

Units That Can Be Made (for cyborgs) : are useful because they are cheaper to make and move much faster than trucks and tanks. Types of cyborgs that can be made are :

Low level cyborgs :
a. Cyborg Mechanics know how to move around quickly when standing in a group. This helps especially in automatically repairing other units in its group and therefore
b. Cyborg Combat Engineer can build and repair structures.
c. Cyborg Grenadier
d. Cyborg Lancer
e. Cyborg Heavy Gunner
f. Cyborg Flamer

Intermediate level cyborgs :
g. Cyborg Assault Gun
h. Cyborg Flashlight Gunner
i. Cyborg Scourge
j. Cyborg Needle Gunner
k. Cyborg Thermite Flamer
l. Cyborg Super Heavy Gunner
m. Cyborg Super Auto Cannon
n. Cyborg Super Pulse Laser

High level cyborgs :
o. Cyborg Super Tank Killer
p. Cyborg Super HPV
q. Cyborg Super Rail Gunner
r. Cyborg Super Scourge

1st Scenario units.
Truck Viper Wheels is one of the two unit that is given in the beginning of the game. Truck Viper Wheels cost .

Machinegun Viper Wheels is one of the two unit that is given in the beginning of the game. Machinegun Viper Wheels cost .

2nd Scenario new units.
Repair Turret Truck is a unit that can repair all types of damaged units. Repair Turret costs .

Start Skirmish
As I have mentioned earlier, players get to choose to have scavengers or no scavengers, distance fog instead of fog, teams (no allie, allow allies and locked teams), the power level (low, medium and high) and the technology / base level (no base, with base and advance base). Player also get to choose the number of players and scenario of the game. One scenario one game.

There are a few 4-players scenarios to choose from. They are :
1. SK-Rush, SK-Rush2
2. Sk-UrbanDuel
3. SK-Mountain
4. SK-Valley : I managed to win this scenario. So many of the technologies research I give above for Skirmish Option will depend on this game. I chose no scavengers, distance fog, teams with one allie, high power level and with base.
5. SK-Fishnets
6. SK-GreatRift-T1
7. SK-RollingHills-T1
8. SK-Basingstoke-T1
9. SK-LittleEgypt-T1
10. SK-Cockpit-T1
11. SK-Urban-Chaos-T1
12. SK-Pyramidal-T1

These are good games to try out and practise to get to know the game more. Player can team-up with other player to complete the game faster.

I managed to complete a few scenarios from the above scenarios. I played mostly with another team against 2 other groups so that I could complete the scenarios faster.

Challenges : 'Back to Basics'
This game is the beginner's level training module. It has one scenario only. I have completed this scenario. At first I find it difficult but then I remembered the first scenario in the new campaign game.

So, the important thing is to create enough units to attack enemies. Then improve technology to strengthen units and structures and also fighting capabilities. To maintain enough energy for research and making of structures and units, player must capture resource points and protect it.

It has one most important feature or structure that a player must have in order to beat the computer. Research on materials and structures to enable the research of fortress, the strongest defence structure in any warzone games.

Planes are useless except to clear the fog and open up the view of the scenario. When I played, they could not penetrate the oponents defence, maybe because I could not have enough resources to built enough good planes to attack at once. So, don't waste your time on this.

Concentrate on creating many strong trucks and repair turrets which can stand the attack of enemies. Then built the Cannon Fortress. I do not think any player can win in this scenario without the cannon fortress.
Challenges : 'Hide Behind Me'
This game is the intermediate level to me. I still cannot get through this scenario. So I can't be able to say what to do yet.

Challenges : 'No Place To Hide'
This game is the professional level to me. I really cannot play this scenario.

Tutorial is a good place to start if you do not know anything about this game. It teaches you how to build some basic structures and make new units for you to understand the basics of playing this game. However, it is so simple that I find it useless.

Multi Players
Multi Player has 2 options. They are Host Game and Join Game. I have not played these two because I am playing on a stand-alone computer.
Options is a selection to choose the ..., Graphics, Video, Audio, Mouse and Key Mapping.



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