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I do not intend to make freecheapsite.com a 'sexy' site. However, I think sex, love and politics are the biggest selling issues anywhere. So, I decided to put it under the name eros or cupid.

Another attracting issue is games. So, to make it innocent, I changed eros to babyeros, the adorable little cupid with an arrow and a bow. And of course, an innocent title called Puppy Love because many people can play games, fall in love with those games and get stuck to them.

I have decided to put games which are played on other operating systems too. However, most of them will be played on LINUX operating system.
What do I want to link to from this page? Games, of course though I am not a gamer. All on Linux Operating System unless stated otherwise.

Simulation Games : 1. Lincity NG,

Educational Games : 1. GCompris,

Dungeon Games : 1. NetHack, Birthright on Microsoft Windows,

Battle Games : 1. Battle for Wesnoth, 2. Glest, 3. 0 A.D., 4. Warzone2100,

Target Games : 1. Nexuiz,
Simulation Game : Lincity NG (Acceptable by my standard. ***)
I played this when I was using Linux Mint 10. It is a simulation game where you can design a start-up city, use the pre-design city or start from an empty place. Details about this game.

Lincity has 3 levels of speed for the time to progress. The city can be built before the time starts or it can be built while the time is prorgessing. As the time progresses, population grows, trade and raw materials increases, the city grows stronger and higher technology can be used to improve the city.

In short, players will have to create a balance between food, population, raw material for growth, trade and money,

Lincity has two version. One old fashion called Lincity and a better graphics version called Lincity NG. Though better graphics, the graphics for moving pictures is not as good as some that I have seen.

Education Games : GCompris (Acceptable by my standard. ***)
GCompris is a children's educational software. This game is for children above 2 years to 8 years old. It has discovery section, puzzle section, mathematical section, amusement section, reading section, experimental section, strategic games section.

Under each section, there are other categories. For example discovery section has sound, colour, memory and shapes categories. The strategic section has 4 in a row game. Overall good for children.

I played for the first time in Mar 2011 using Linux Mint 10 after downloading this software package from Ubuntu site. Overall acceptable with simple graphics and sound.
Games : KTuberling
The first one is some pictures I made using a kid's game called KTuberling. This software has some scenes with some characters where players can create certain outlook for the characters. The scene I used is the potato scene. I titled it 'Sexy and Crazy Potato Avatar Stories'.

Dungeon Games : NetHack (Bad by my standard. *)
NetHack is a dungeon game where a player can be human, elf, dwarf, gnome or orc. These so called race can take many roles such as archeologist, healer, knight, priest, ranger, samurai, wizard and others.

The player will have to get the Amulet of Yendor from the cruel god Molock which lives underground. Along the way, the player will gather golds, gems, potions, food, weapons, books, armour and others. Players will have to fight creatures and beings of other races. Gold can be used to buy weapons, books and scrolls.

I played for the first time in Mar 2011 using Linux Mint 10 after downloading this software package from Ubuntu site. NetHack has at least two versions. One better graphics, another very old fashion. Overall not good graphics with only 2D. Very bad help documentation. Many actions and items do not know how to use.
Dungeon Games : Birthright (OK by my standard. ****)
Birthright is played on Microsoft Windows operating system. I first started to play this game was very long time ago, not later than 2006.This software was created by Sierra. This dungeon game is really different from Nethack as mentioned on the left side.

Firstly, it has an option called 'Adventure'. This adventure option is more like dungeon-battle game. When you play the adventure game, it graphic is in 3D. In this option, you choose a few (4) lieutenant which will automatically go where you choose to turn to look for some objects.

Birthright has an option called 'Full Play' where the graphic is in 2D. 'Full Play' option is a strategy game where you rule a small part of a big region with many other Rulers. This is a turn based game which will end if your kingdom is taken over by any other rulers. It is interesting because of the many things a player can do such as declare war, opt for diplomacy, muster troops and hire lieutenant in basic game, create holding, build roads in Advance Game Play and forge ley line, fortify your province, espionage, contect for holings in Expert Game Play.

However, if you go on 'Battle Play' option, its boring because you can do very little except choosing which troops to send into battle field and moving the troops to fight whichever opponent you like.

There is a tutorial option too. However, I find the tutorial a little boring because the story or explaination is too long. So, I tried out on my own.

There are lots of thing to say about this software package though I know less than 40% of the game only. There are many things that I still have to find out. For more information, click (Coming Soon).

Battle Games : Battle for Wesnoth (Very good by my standard. *****)
A battle games where beings of different races fight with other races. In fact, beings of different races can also team up with each other to fight other groups of beings which may be of same race or teams of different races. Details about this game.

This software comes with some story lines. Every story line has different difficulty levels which is fixed such as Novice, Intermediate and Expert. After choosing a story line, you will be asked to select the difficulty level such as beginners, normal and challenging. This game difficulty level is different from the story line difficulty level.

Each story line has different number of stages (this software calls it scenarios. 1 scenario, 1 map). At start of every scenario, you will be asked to recruit units for your army or recall the old units that won the previous scenarios in the story line with all their increase ranks.

The selection of recruits depends on the difficulty of the game together with the story line difficulty. To select or recruit units, golds are required. Some starts with some gold in hand, some none. Gold can increase or decrease with every change of turns depending on the + and - sign beside the gold icon. Sick / hurt units can go to house to recover or stand next to a sharman.

The main objective is to defeat the opponents groups and to complete every stage within time given in the story. The game can end when the opponent army kill your leader(s) or you failed to win within given time.

Every type of units of a race has a different method of attacking opponent using different weapons, a different defence level of defence, a different attacking power and a different level of experience. The unit gains level of experience when they kill their opponent. When experience increased to a certain level, the unit will be automatically promoted (some with choice) to a higher rank with increase capabilities.

Examples of story lines are :
1. Heir to Throne (Novice, 25 scenarios) : Race = elvish army (player) help human leader (player) against orcs with can ride on wolves and trolls (computer). Elvish army has a selection of recruits called archer, fighter, scout and sharman.
2. Tale of 2 Brothers (Novice, 4 scenarios) : Race = Human (player) protected by elves (computer) against orcs (computer). Human army has a selection of recruits called bowman, horseman, spearman, and footpad.
3. Eastern Invasion (Intermediate, 18 scenarios) : Race = Human (player) against Undead (computer) and Dark Human (computer)
4. Hammer of Thursagan (Intermediate, 18 scenarios) : Race = Dwarf (player) with help of Gryphon against Orcs.
5. Descent into Darkness (Intermediate, 11 scenarios) : Race = Human (player) and Undead (player) against Orcs.
Sceptre of Fire (Expert, 9 scenarios) : Race = Dwarf (player) and Human (computer) against Elves
6. Rise of Wesnoth (Expert, 25 scenarios) : Race = Human (player) against Human (computer)
7. Son of Black-Eye (Expert, 18 scenarios) : Race = Orcs (player) against Human (computer)
8. Under the Burning Sun (Expert, 11 scenarios) : Race = Elves (player) against Undead (computer)

I advise you to play those novice or intermediate story lines with fewer scenarios first because it is easier to complete all the scenarios. Choose the beginners level. Even a novice player like I can completed a few storylines.

Recently, I went into the expert story line but did not managed to complete any yet. I have tried 'Under The Burning Sun' and 'Sceptre of Fire'. The scenarios that I have completed for 'Sceptre of Fire' are Bargain Is Struck, Closing of Gates, Search for the Runecrafter, Gathering Materials, Hills of Shorbear Clan and Towards the Cave. I could not complete the 'Outriding the Outriders' scenario yet.

When I first played this game in 2010 using a live DVD with title live.linux-gamers.net, I find it ok. Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based game. Even playing from the DVD, I could control the movements of every unit of my army. I can control which opponent's unit I want to attack and with what weapon. The the turn will pass to the opponent which can do the same thing. It is a one-to-one fight. The 'computer player' is pretty smart because it knows how to create its own army. A nice attack and trapping game.

Battle for Wesnoth has a multi player selection. Under the multi player selection, there are 4 options such as Join Official Server, Connect to Server, Host Networked Server and Local Games. I have tried only the Local Site option where there are some one-stage games, meaning one game one scenario. The one-stage games come preset with either 2 players, 3 players, 4 players, 5 players, 6 players, 8 players, 9 players or play against computer.

Now, in 2011 using Sabayon 5.4 games edition, I found that Battle of Wesnoth has a scenario editor too. This senario editor has many objects to create sifferent types of terrain like flat land, mountain, desert, frozen area, etc. It has many objects to create castle, villages, types of structures.
Battle Games : Glest (Difficult by my standard. ***)
The main objective of this game is to collect enough gold, stones, wood and food to fight groups of other players or groups of the computer. The first time I played was in Mar-2011 and I have not won before. If not wrong, a play wins when he / she has defeated the opposition group. I do not know whether this game has a time limit for ever scenario as I was always defeated by the enemy.

This is the most difficult battle game that I have played. I have played for two days continouos but not won before. The computer player knows how to generate its army and when to attack you. This is time contrainted because if you are slow, the enemy will attack and kill your army.

One weak point is that the human player have no full control of the battle. It is done automatically by the software. Also, I am slow in controlling the mouse clicking here and there to select the units and many time left clicked when I should have right clicked. Wasted too much time there.

I selected this software package using Linux Mint 10 when I was looking for games. This software is downloadable from Ubuntu which Linux Mint was based upon.

It has maps of different terrains with titles such as 4 Rivers, Forest, Islands Siege, Mountains, Swamps of Sorrow, Twisty Canyon and Valley of Death. Then it has different tileset such as Dark Forest, Forest and Winter which does not affect the game, meaning just to have different outlook. Then it has different unit types which can do different things, have different power level, different defence level and create certain units. Buildings / structures can be created by certain unit types only. Some buildings and unit types can be created only if certain criteria have been met such as enough required resources, stages or capability of the building reached and have other structures before the call to create can be made.

This game has day and night as some creates or units fight better at night. You can select the number of teams you want. The first version 3.2.2 that I saw in 2010 was so slow and difficult to control the cursor. So I did not play it. The version I played in Mar-2011 was much better using the same PC. The first was playing from DVD, the second was installed into my harddisk.

Battle Games : 0 A.D. (I think it is going to be good. ****)
The main objective is to collect enough metal, stones, wood and food to fight groups of other players or groups of the computer. You win after you have defeated the opposition group and tore down all their structures.

On 21-Mar-2011, when I played the game using Sabayon 5.4 Games Edition, it was still under development (alpha version). This version has a single player selection where you can play with the computer. This version also has a multiplayer selection where you can either join a game playing in the web or host a game.

This version of this game has a few single stage maps such as Acadia, Celtic Buildings, Gold Rush, Hellenic Building, Hellenic Egypt, Oasis, Saheb Watering Holes, Serengeti, Massacre of Delphi and a few demo maps.

The interesting point regarding this software is that it has a senario editor. I find this senario creator pretty powerful. From a flat plane, the software has features to create terrains by pulling an area upwards to create any height of mountain you want or press the land to lower the area into a valley. The second powerful feature is a creator can put the sun's placing to create shadows and shades and water condition. Other features are the normal featues like objects to create different categories of people, warrior, plants / trees, animals, ships, etc. Another feature I do not understand but I think it is like creating a moving scene.

One weak point is that the player have no full control of the battle. If the opponent is within your units cover area, your units will automatically know how to attack the opponent and vice-versa.

Another weak part of this software was that the 'computer player' is not smart. It did not know how to compete with 'human player' like creating more units or attacking its opponent's unit. I think it was because it was still under development because the warriors have different attacking formations which cannot be used yet.
Battle Games : Warzone 2100 (Ok by my standard. ****)
Warzone is a battle game with modern space-age scenarios. This is a time-based game. The time limit depends on the scenario. As your stages go higher, the game gets more difficult because the enemy units get more powerful.

Like all of the war games mentioned above, all units require resources to create new unit. The resources or should I say resource is energy level.

Instead of human or other beings, the units in Warzone are tanks or trucks. Trucks can build new structures and repair old / damaged ones. Tanks are for destroying enemy units.

The objective of this game is to destroy enemy bases and collect all the artifacts. Artifacts are important in improving the technology of the units. More structures can be created, trucks and tanks can be improved. After collecting all the artifacts of a scenario, you will be taken to another scenario to collect some more artifacts.

The controlling of units in Warzone is the same as 0 A.D. and Glest. You can select a group of of units or an individual unit. As players, we do not get full control of our units because our units will automatically know how to attack the opponent when they come within our range area.

The first time I played this game was in Aug-2011 using Sabayon 5.4 Games Edition. I managed to get through 5 levels only. Now, I can complete the whole Western Zone about 14 stages (depending on how you consider them). I still cannot get through the first scenario in the Eastern Zone (helping the Beta team).

There are lots of thing to say about this software package though I know less than 30% of the game only. There are many things that I still have to find out. For more information on this game, click Warzone 2100.

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