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Transportation Multimedia Super Corridor
Putrajaya is located in the centre of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). It was founded in 1995 and was declared as the third federal territory in Malaysia in 01-Feb-2001. It is the federal administrative capital of Malaysia meaning that many of Malaysia's ministry are situated there such as the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Finance and Foreign Affairs offices are located there.

Apart from the buildings for the ministers, there are mosques, hospitals, schools, food courts, shopping centre, police hadquarter, convention centre and many bridges. And yes, not to forget, the special shaped man-made lake, Putrajaya Lake has an area of 6 km2 and Putrajaya Wetland which is the largest man-made freshwater wetland in the tropics which consists of Wetland Park (138 hectares) and wetland area (about 197hectares).

Putrajaya has an area of 49 km2 area. It was developed in an area previously called Prang Besar in Southern Selangor. It was designed with the concept of "Garden City, Intelligent City". So, it is supposed to maintain at least 70% greeneries and 30% for development.

My course mate and I dropped by there one morning in the weekend to admire the magnificent buildings and the surroundings. I did not see any public buses nor taxis there. This gave me the oppinion that the public transportation was bad. Offices were not opened and therefore most of the people there were tourists. Putrajaya is not a tourist area because it is supposed to be an administrative city. I guess that was why no public bus nor taxi was there when I was there. However, I think it is quite a nice place to be during the weekends.

I went again to Putrajaya, this time during the Youth Day week. This time I was very pleased to find the public tranport very good especially the buses. The main bus company in Putrajaya is Nadi Putra with its main station in Putrajaya Sentral, very near the Putrajaya ERL transit station. Maybe its because it was Youth Day week.

Multimedia Super Corridor is an area located inside Selangor but not under the state of Selangor. It covers an area of 15km x 50km from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). When MSC started, it covered the area around Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and KLIA. At end of year 2006, Klang Valley was included as part of MSC.

MSC has a few important features moving towards a knowledge economy. They are electronic government, multipurpose card, smart school, research & development areas, E-business, technopreneur development and telehealth.
Putrajaya's Flag & Emblem
Flag of Putrajaya Emblem of Putrajaya
Prime Minister's Office.
Prime Minister's Office
Melawati Palace
Melawati Palace
Judiciary Palace.
Judiciary Palace
Putra Mosque next to Prime Minister's Building.
Putra Mosque next to Prime Minister's Building
Putrajaya Wetland
Putrajaya Wetland
Seri Saujana Bridge in background
Seri Saujana Bridge
Fountain beside Perdana Putra
Fountain beside Perdana Putra

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