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St. Francis Xavier Statue of St Francis Xavier
Ruins of St. Paul's Church was built by a Portuguese captain called Duarte Coelho in 1521. It was initially named "Nosa Senhora or Our Lady of The Hill". When the Dutch took over Malacca, the Dutch changed its name "St. Paul's Church" and used it until Christ Church was completed. It was said that the Dutch took down the top part of the the St. Paul's Church so that they could watch over the hill from the walls. It was turned into burial land for their dead soldiers.
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When the British took over, they used the place to store gunpowder. A lighthouse and flagstaff were built but later the flagstaff was removed. I guess the whiter portion of the building must be the lighthouse.

St. Francis Xavier, a spanish, regularly visited this church from 1545 to 1552. He died in China's San Chian Island off Kwangtung on 03-Dec-1552. Due to the monsoon, his body could not be taken back and was buried in China for a short while. From 22-Mar-1553 to 11-Dec-1553, about 9 months, his body was buried in St. Paul's Church in Malacca and later sent to Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa, India.

It was said that miracles happened there. The body of St. Francis Xavier which was buried there was still in good condition after he was dead for such a long time. It was said that in 1644, the Pope of Rome wanted the people to show him prove in order to give the title Saint to Francis Xavier for his contributions. One of the people had a dream that Francis Xavier told him to dig out his body and then chop of his right hand. They did that and found blood still flowing out from his hand. The hand was taken to the meeting room and it could still move and signed Francis Xavier's signature. So, the 'board' decided to to honour him as a Saint.

The statue of St Francis Xavier standing in front of St Paul's Church was erected in 1953 to commemorate the 4th centenary after St Francis Xavier was taken to Goa. The night before the meeting, a storm caused a branch of a tree to break. The broken branch hit the right hand of the Statue of Francis Xavier and broke it.

Lastly, kindly help keep Malacca clean by throwing rubbish into proper place.
Ruins of St Paul's Church.
Ruins of St Paul's Church
Inside Ruins of St Paul's Church.
Inside Ruins of St Paul's Church
Carvings on the wall inside St Paul's Church.
Carvings on the wall inside St Paul's Church
Tombstone inside St Paul's Church.
Tombstone inside St Paul's Church

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