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1. Dutch Square Area
Dutch Square Area
Dutch Square Area is the area beside the Melaka River and the Stadthuys, Christ Church, Queen Victoria's Fountain, Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower up to the Tan Kim Seng's bridge.
  1. Stadthuys or the 'Red Building' was as the residence of the Dutch Governor and his deputy.
  2. Christ Church was built by the Dutch to commemorate the centenary of their occupation in Malacca and took about 12 years to complete.
  3. Queen Victoria Fountain was built by the Malacca peope in memory of Queen Victoria in 1904.
  4. Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower was erected because Tan Beng Swee, who was a baba, wanted to emulate the good deeds of his father.
2. St Paul's Hill Surroundings
St Paul's Church
St. Paul's Hill Area is the area around St. Paul's Hill. It includes the Dutch Square, and all the buildings at the foot of the hill. A few famous ones are ruins of St Paul's Church on top of the hill, Porta De Santiago on the east side of the foot hill.
  1. Fort A Famosa or Porta De Santiago was part of a fort called A Famosa which was built by the Portuguese in 1511.
  2. St. Paul's Church was built by a Portuguese captain and was initially named "Our Lady of The Hill". It served as a church until Christ Church was completed.
  3. Cultural Museum or Melaka Sultanate Place modeled after 15th century Melaka Sultanate Palace.
  4. Melaka Stamp Museum the state's first museum after independence.
3. Jonker Street Area
  1. Jalan Hang Jebat / Jonker Walk
    Jonker Street Area
    This area is a night street market that sells souvenirs and old stuffs. There are stalls selling local food too. Apart from shops and stalls, when I was there, there was a stage / karaoke stage for anybody interest to sing to go up and perform.
  2. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
    Cheng Hoon Teng temple was built by Kapitan Lee Wai King in 1645. It is the oldest functioning Chinese temple in Malaysia. In 2002, it was given the Award of Merit for Restoration by UNESCO, an Asia Pasific Heritage Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation.
  3. Kampung Hulu Mosque
    Kampung Hulu Mosque
    This mosque is the oldest functioning mosque in Melaka. It was built in 1720s by Dato Samsuddin, a malay representative during the Dutch period. It was rebuilt with bricks in 1892 to strengthen it. Most of the mosque built during that era was destroyed because they were built by wood. It has a combination of Chinese, Malay and Sumatrans design.
  4. Kampung Kling Mosque
    Kampung Kling Mosque
    This mosque is located near Jonker Walk and has a Sumatran and Hindu design. It was completed in 1748. It has many features from diffrent places like Victorian chandelier, English and Portuguese glazed tiles and Corinthian columns and arches in main prayer hall and most immportantly the pagoda-shaped minaret showing an east-west influence.
4. Other Heritage Buildings
  1. St. Peter's Church
    St. Peter's Church
    In 1710, St. Peter's Church was built by the Dutch administration, and is the oldest functioning Christian Catholic church in Malaysia. It was built after the Dutch restore freedom of religion to the Catholics. The building material were from a mixture of both eastern and western architecture.
  2. Francis Xavier Church
    St. Francis Xavier's Church
    In 1849, Francis Xavier Church (a Gothic church) was built by a French priest to commemorate St. Francis Xavier for his Catholic missionary work during the 16th century.
  3. St. John's Fort
    St. John's Fort was rebuilt by the Dutch, and the cannons in this fort was made to point inwards towards the mainland because at that time, the threat to Malacca was mainly from inland.
  4. Tranquerah Mosque
    Tranquerah Mosque (Masjid Tengkera) is located toward the north-west of St. Paul's Hill not far from Jonker Street. It has a Sumatran architecture with a multi-tiered square-based pyramid-shaped roof common to most of mosques in Malacca. Most if not all mosque have minarets but this mosque has a pagoda-shaped minaret almost like Kapitan Keling Mosque. Within its ground is the tomb of Sultan Hussain of Johor who signed Singapore to Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819.

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