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Merdeka Square is the most important place in Malaysia history as it was the place where the Malayan flag was raised marking the independence of Malaysia. It is surrounded by historical buildings such as Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Royal Selangor Club and the old National History Museum.

Merdeka Square has a tallest flag pole in the world with height about 100m from the ground. It was put up in Oct 1989. This flag pole is the land mark of Merdeka Square, standing on the big field of Royal Selangor Club.
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There was story that the field outside Royal Selangor Club always got flooded like a pool after heavy rain. A man bet that he could swim from the club to the Sultan Abdul Samad Building without touching the ground and he won. Another story was the underground place where Standard Chartered Bank kept their money always got wet when the field got flooded. The bank would hite guard to take care of the money when they dried the money on the field. Also the underground area has a food court and it was closed due to bad fengshui caused by a tree in front of its entrance.

On 30th Aug 1957 midnight, lights were turned off and when the giant clock started its first soud, the lights were turned on and the police band played 'God save the Queen' song before lowering the Union Jack and raised the Malaya flag.

Every year, on the 31st August, Malaysia will hold a independence celebration and parade at this place. The ministers will gather infront of Sultan Abdul Samad Building and people from many organisations and ministries will march pass the place.

Apart from this, most tourism events' opening ceremonies are held in Merdeka Square. The most important one is Colours of Malaysia which is held every year to show the multi-cultures in Malaysia.

Behind Sultan Abdul Samad Building is the confluence of the Klang River and Gombak River. The land in the centre between the meeting point of the two rivers is Jamek Mosque.

Lastly, kindly help keep Kuala Lumpur clean by throwing rubbish into proper place.
Flag Pole Buildings around Merdeka Square
Behind Merdeka Square, confluence of Klang River and Gombak River Royal Selangor Club
Old National History Museum KL Pustaka Peringatan

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