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Relau Metropolitan Park is located in Relau, somewhere middle-south of Penang. It is mostly for the people living near there to go for walks.

The first row photos show how to go there. If you follow the sign board using Lebuh Relau 2, you have to make another 1-2 more turns before reaching there (if not mistaken, one left turn and one right turn). The better road to take is Lebuh Relau 4, the next right after Lebuh Relau 2. It goes straight to this park.

The second row photos show the landscape on the way up the stairs from carpark. Walking up the stairs will go to the children playground (the children photo was taken from top down) which is on the right and at the end of the walk-way, there is a chess area (see left third row photo). The right third row photo was taken looking down from the chess area. To get there, just follow the path-way near the chess area.

A little further away from the fountain area, there is a path (see left forth row photo) towards the 'jungle' walk-way which leads back to the car park as it goes in a circle, if the left turn at the end of the path is taken. The right turn will lead back to upper part of the fountain area. A little further down after taking the left turn, there is another walk-way split. The left turn will cut short the route back to the carpark.

Going straight from the walk-way split, will lead to another exercise area (right fifth row photo). This is the lowest part of the walk-way. Going up from there will lead back to the park's carpark (last row photo).

This park is open to all and is the carpark is FREE of charge. If not all, most of the garden parks in Penang are free in the sense that they are open to all, there is no entrance fee and everyone is free to enjoy themselves there. Oh yes, lastly, kindly "Keep Penang Clean".

Opening time is hrs and closing time is hrs. Entrance fee is RM (year 2013 price).
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Junction to Relau Park
Photo of Junction to Relau Park
Turning to Relau Park
Photo of Turning to Relau Park
Relau Park
Photo of Relau Park
Children's Playground
Photo of Children's Playground
Chess Area
Photo of Chess Area
Fountain Area
Photo of Fountain Area
Photo of Walkway
Cement walkway
Photo of cement walkway
Stairs turning back to park
Photo of Stairs turning back to park
Exercise Area
Photo of Exercise Area
Carpark Area
Photo of Carpark Area

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