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All the cartoons in this page were created using KTuberling. This is a cartoon story about potatoes in a fancy dress competition.
All the cartoons in this page were created using KTuberling. This is a cartoon story about potatoes in a creative competition.
Female Clown Potato :
Female Clown Potato
Others though she was a he. Her left side was tucked-in to hold her shirt so that it could not be blown open. The right side of the shirt was left out but held together by a black bow to close her shirt so that her breast could not be seen.
Male Clown Potato :
Male Clown Potato
Others though he was a she. He purposely put lipstick on this lips to make himself look silly, nerdy and crazy. To show off his chest, he left his shirt unbuttoned.
Wizardry Handsome Potato :
Wizardry Handsome Potato
Handsome Potato got the Master's Wizardry Boot for his creation of a master football coach. The football was placed such that the black spots represents its eys and mouth with the centre white spot representing its nose.
Wizardry Bald Potato :
Wizardry Bald Potato
Bald Potato got the Lady's Man Wizardry Boot for his creation of an invisible bodied lady. Not having a see-through dress to use, he decided to have a see-through body except for certain 'interesting' parts to make his creation sexy.
Good Lady Potato :
Good Lady Potato
She looks serious and motherly. She is properly dressed from top to bottom though her fashion looks rather too young for her age.
Good Male Potato :
Good Male Potato
He looks friendly but shy. He is properly dressed from top to bottom though his dressing looks rather childish. Guess he wants to say that he is still young and available.
Wishy Handsome Potato :
Wishy Handsome Potato
Handsome Potato wished to be a great football player. However, his creation of his wish got him the Silver Boot only.
Wishy Bald Potato :
Wishy Bald Potato
Bald Potato wished to have a good but sexy female. Lack of resources, he could not created a sexy look. He ended up with no prize for his sad young lady that looks old.
Modern Macho Male Potato :
Modern Macho Male Potato
He like to play sports to keep fit and likes to show his chest to ladies by not buttoning his shirt. He thinks he is the most good looking male around.
Old Fashion Macho Male Potato:
Old Fashion Macho Male Potato
He like to play sports to keep fit too especially sumo. Due to his big size, he does not like to button his shirt because it would be too tight. Feel he is as macho as any male around.
Clowny Handsome Potato :
Clowny Handsome Potato
Short of ideas for creating a crazy look, Handsome Potato created a clown without body. He explained the clown is lying flat on his chest with his like legs sticking up like his clown hat and got the Clown Boot for that.
Clowny Bald Potato :
Clowny Bald Potato
Bald Potato also short of idea for crazy look and decided a create a crazy male. He failed to get the Clown Boot but got the Lady's Man Boot instead for his creation of an obsenely dressed man with a bow and tie placed over his private area.
He-Devil Potato :
He-Devil Potato
A he-devil disguising as a female to lure and seduce men into evil deeds. It dresses itself decently to cover his disguise.
Old Magician Potato :
He is already old and very knowledgable but likes to feel young again. He does not want to wear pants because he feels it makes him weak.
All the cartoons in this page were created using KTuberling. This is a cartoon story about potatoes in a fancy dress competition. Continue from left side.
Sporty Potato : He is old but still want to act young by showing off his chest. He puts a bow on his pants to attract attention to his groin.
Confused Lady Potato :
Confused Lady Potato
This aging old-time lady is still hoping to get married and have a child. Her body is already out-of-shape and so she has to dress like this.
Confused Male Potato :
Confused Male Potato
This old-time male thought that the shoes he is holding belongs to her future wife. So he goes on searching for its owner.
Stripper Female Potato :
Stripper Female Potato
This female stripper is hinting that she is a devil-female though she looks so decent but sexy. You can be sure that she likes all kinds of 'devils'.
Stripper Female Potato :
Stripper Female Potato
She always like to remind her spectators that a red dot means that she is having her month menses. So, her presentation will be affected.
Punky Potato :
Punky Potato
He thinks he is the most modern-looking and fashionable male around. He wants to attract others by not wearing shirt but wearing a tie until it reaches his ###.
Nerdy Potato :
Nerdy Potato
He has big blue eyes, small ears and nice smile. However, he likes to make his nose look big and eyes turn out, keep a moustache-like hair, wear old-fashion glasses and skirt. His mum said he is afraid of female but actually he is shy.
Stripper Male Potato :
Stripper Male Potato
This sexy male stripper giving hints on the type of 'female' he likes after removing his shirt. His acts will continue until almost 1 hour before he is completely nude and poses for a short while.
Stripper Male Potato :
Stripper Male Potato
The male stripper likes to put a big clown nose over his pants after removing his shirt. He thinks it will attract 'female' on-lookers to him. Many say he is bi-sexsual in every sense.
Sissy Potato :
Sissy Potato
When Smarty Potato was young, he liked to wear skirt and others called him Sissy. His parents were afraid for his tendencies eventhough he was strong, capable and healthy.
Smart Looking Potato :
Smart Looking Potato
Smarty has grown up to be a very smart, friendly and attractive male. His parent is happy now that he wears pants, very strong and has a healthy social life. Both male and female find him attractive.
Tomboy Potato :
Tomboy Potato
Do not be fooled into thinking that she is a gay eventhough she dresses like a male. She loves male friends and flowers from them. She is a rough and tough but kind and loving female looking for mister right.
Girly Potato :
Girly Potato
This little girly looks sad because she still does not have a male friend. She is afraid of becoming lonely old lady. Actually, she is still very young and cannot have babies yet.

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