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1. Precinct 1 : Putra Perdana Area
  1. Perdana Putra
    Perdana Putra is the office building where the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister works. It was completed in early 1999. Perdana Putra is situated on a small hill slope, about 50m above sea level and has Mogul-Islamic design with western influences such as palladian and neoclassicsm. It has many halls, viewing points, delegation room, VIP room and hall, National Security Division office and National Economic Action Council office.
  2. Putra Mosque is situated next to Perdana Putra and by the side of Putrajaya Lake. This makes it look like floating on water. It has a middle-eastern and Egyptian design. Its mineret is 116m tall and has 5 tiers. It can take 15,000 worshippers, has library, muzeum for Al-Quran manuscript, exhibition hall and seminar room.
  3. Putra Bridge from Selera Putra Food Hall
    Selera Putra Food Hall is between Putra Mosque and Putra Bridge. It has a few stalls selling drinks and some food.
  4. Putra Bridge has a length as 435m that connects Precinct 1 and Precinct 2. It was built using concrete. The bridge has 4 octagonal towers with observation decks inspired by Islamic architecture.
2. Precinct 2, 3 and 4
Treasury Building
  1. Ministry of Finance is located in Precinct 2 next to Putra Bridge. If not mistaken, it has a few buildings such as National Accountant Building and Treasury Building.
  2. Wisma Putra is Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is located on a small hill surrounded by Taman Wawasan.
  3. Millenium Monument
    Millenium Monument is located in Precinct 2. This tower has a base that has the shape of a ship. The glass 'wall' on the way up to the top of the base has short history of country. The tower is 68m tall.
  4. Judiciary Palace is also located in Precinct 3. It has the 5 storey building for judicial department and 2 storey building for courts and offices.
  5. Seri Gemilang Bridge connects Precincts 4 with Precincts 5, has a length of 240m and is known as the ceremonial bridge. This bridge was made of steel and was inspired by Pont Alexandre III of Paris. Its has an Islamic architecture with motifs of traditional flower and plants as decorative works.
  6. Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) is located in Precinct 5 and has 9 levels. It covers an area of 135,000 sq meter. Its biggest hall is the Plenary Hall which can accommodate 3,000 people. Banquet hall can accommodate 4,500 guest for cocktail and 2,000 guest for banquet. Its main hall has a shape of the eye of silver royal belt buckle. It has 1,200 car park lots. It is a place for high security risk events.

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