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Kedah is a state located south of Perlis, north of Penang and Perak and west of Kelantan. Its latitute coordinate is about 6o07'N and longitude coordinate is about 100o21'E. Kedah has population of 1.9 million with 76% Malays, 14% chinese and 7% indians. The languages that majority of its people can speak are Bahasa Malaysia / Melayu and some English. As for chinese dialect, Hokkien and Cantonese are mainly used. There are many interesting historical places in Kedah like Bujang Valley, Kuala Kedah fort and some historical buildings in Alor Setar.

Kedah has a land area of 9,426 km2. The land is built of built-up of varies geological structure such as granite, limestone. The Main Range (Titiwangsa Range) passes through the eastern side of Kedah. This made Kedah rich in flora, fauna and also natural ecological structures like caves, lakes and rivers. The jungle consists of Tropical Rainforest, Recreational forest and Mangroves forest. There are a few man-made lakes like Muda Lake and Pedu Lake and Beris Lake which are dams built for irrigation and household use. The rivers are also popular for white-water rafting activities.

The capital of Kedah is Alor Setar. I found the public transportation in Alor Setar is not good. I seldom see buses moving along the roads. Taxis are quite few too. I found the traffic in Alor Setar is much less than Penang. However, the roads are wider, good for the future. I think there are less motorbikes in Alor Setar too. The KTM railway track passes through Kedah from Alor Setar at the north to Sungai Petani at the south. Kedah state airport, Sultan Abdul Halim Airport is located at the northern part of Alor Setar.
Albukhary Mosque

Historical places are around Bujang Valley, Mas River Archaeological Museum and Kuala Kedah Fort. Nature lovers and eco-tourist can get away to Ulu Muda Eco Park and Lasor Eco Park near Muda Lake, Sedim River Recreational Park for white-water rafting and tree top walk, Mount Inas and Mount Jerai for forest reserve and Mount Keriang Caves. Places of interest in Alor Setar city are Balai Besar, Balai Seni, Balai Nobat, State Museum, Traditional Malay Houses, Rumah Merdeka and Albukhary Mosque.
Kedah's Flag & Emblem
Flag of Kedah Emblem of Kedah
Alor Star Tower & Balai Nobat
Alor Star Tower and Balai Nobat
Mangrove area
Mangrove area
New Jeti
New Jeti near Merbok
Clock Tower & Alor Star Tower
Clock Tower
Tun Dr Mahathir's birth place
Tun Dr Mahathir's birth place
Batu Bersurat
Batu Bersurat
Balai Seni
Balai Seni

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