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Currency Market is not well known in Penang, Malaysia. This is partly because it is a very risky investment for people with small capital. The changes of profiting will be higher if you can invest a bigger amount. Like financial people like to say 'Higher Risk Higher Gain'.

The important thing about currency market is to follow the trend. You must 'spot' the correct time and trend to before you make a trade. There are a few charts that can be downloaded for you to see the trend and a few websites with financial news that you should read in order not to make a bad / wrong move. Another important sign is the resistance and support figure.

Example of a popular chart that people use is the 'Candle Stick' chart which originated in Japan. This chart shows the graph in 'candle stick' form for each interval which can be chosen. The interval range from 1 minute to 1 week or 1 month. Apart from this chart, there are other line graphs that can be plotted together with it. One very important line graph is the Moving Average Line.

Most if not everyone can be in currency market. However, in Malaysia, only licenced onshore banks can do forex trade irrespective of whether it is spot / forward for resident / non-resident. Therefore, small companies are not supposed to do such trading. If you are interested in currency market, go to banks and ask them about this. You can also check out at Bank Negara Malaysia, Malaysia's central bank.

If you are in Malaysia through 'Malaysia, My 2nd Home' program, check with Bank Negara Malaysia officials regarding foreign currency issues. If you need to change some money to use, money changer will do but I guess there is a legal limit that you can change. So, kindly check with Bank Negara Malaysia if the amount you want to change is big.

Stocks Market, in Malaysia on the other hand, are traded by big public companies. Therefore, there are less legal issues to worry about. I guess anyone can open a stock market trading account with KLSE. However, if you are not a Malaysia resident, kindly check with Bursa Saham Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange or Bank Negara Malaysia.

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