Nescafe Kick Start Year 2007 is a 'competitive show' organised or sponsored by Nescafe to help young people, mostly in their twenties, to open their own company. As the participants will be on TV, Nescafe is actually helping the participants to promote themselves (including Nescafe itself) free of charge, regardless of whether they win or lose.

I went to a participant's opening ceremony at Northam Tower A along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah in Penang, Malaysia. She, Joo Nee opened her dance studio, JNDance Studio on 10-Feb-2007 and had an 'open house' party. A few dance performances like breakdancing, hiphop and ballroom dancing were performed. I think Joo Nee did a dance too but I don't know what cause I went late.

The photos were taken on the 11-Feb-2007 noon during her workshop. Actually she had a dance couple (and some of their students) to help her out for that session (ballroom). The photo on the right side shows Joo Nee talking with her friends.
Rotating Logos
Starting 24-Feb-2007, every Saturday, 7:00 pm on TV3.
JNDance Studio from Penang is one of the participants.

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