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I put a few types of water plant in my small tank. These few type are the one that I find easy to maintain. I will put the scientific name according to 'Kingdom (unranked) (unranked) Order Family Genus species'. I put my plants in bottles and top up with black garden soil so that they won't be uprooted so easily. As I have mentioned in small tank, this is not encouraged. (see note no. 5)

The water plant that I have most now (Dec 2008) is Plantae Angiosperms Monocots Alismatales Araceae (Aroideae, a subfamily which is not given in most scientific names) (Cryptocoryneae, a tribe which is not given in most scientific names) Cryptocoryne sp. This genus has many species, for example ciliata and wendtii. I will not give the species here because the plants look almost alike and I cannot differentiate them.

Another that I used to keep was Plantae Angiosperms Monocots Alismatales Alismataceae Echinodorus sp. This plant is more difficult to maintain and cannot grow in my small tank. Once in a while, I would buy this plant just for show and for my small fishes.

Sometimes I would buy Plantae Angiosperms Monocots Alismatales Hydrocharitaceae Egeria (or Eloden) densa which my gold fish and sultan fish like to eat. This plant can be easily found in Malaysia's river. In fact, it can be found in rivers near Penang Botanical Garden. This plant will always turn yellow and die in my small tank.

I have a lot of 'java moss' which I 'planted' on small pieces of wood. This plant can propogate well in small plastic container specially for it but will turn yellow and die off when put into small tank. So, the only plant that I can maintain in my small tank is Plantae Angiosperms Monocots Alismatales Araceae Cryptocoryne sp. I hope that in the future, I will be able to keep and maintain mare species of plants in my small tank.

I found out from the internet that Vesicularia dubyana is not Java moss as written by many people. It is Supposed to be Singapore moss!! HeHe! No picture at present. Will give some in my next update.
Cryptocoryne sp.

Echinodorus sp.

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