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This is the main page for articles and pictures on plants. Gardening and taking care of plants can be quite relaxing. They just need to be watered every day. Other work like trimming and loosening the soil can be done at leisure during your free time. It is a good hobby for older people because they can get some satisfaction from seeing their plants grow and getting some sunlight apart from keeping themselves occupy.

I know little about gardening and plants care so I am looking for some kind person out there who would like to contribute some articles. The plants inside our compound are mostly, Cacti (Plantae Magnoliophyta Magnoliopsida Caryophyllales Cactaceae) because they are easy to take care of. Another type of plant that I like looks very much like 'Plantae Magnoliophyta Liliopsida Asparagales Ruscaceae (Dracaenaceae) Dracaena' but I guess they are not really Dracaena. So, I will call it 'Dracaena Look Alike'. I like this plant because they can survive in my fish tank. These plants are taken care of by my mother and mostly I. My mother has other plants too but they won't be mentioned here.

I like water plants because I am thinking of creating a self-regulating aquarium for my fighting fish. Now, my smaller tank do not have characins anymore. It is used to house water plants. At first, I tried to grow some plants with my Characins but those fishes can eat water plants especially young leaves. However, most of my characins died when my grandfather passed away because I have to remove the water and move them upstairs. They died a few days after my grandfather passed away because I put them into smaller container. Now, only one left after it bit its partner to death.

The scientific name given here will be in the order like 'Kingdom Division Class Order Family Genus Species'.
My Mum's Plant - Adenium
Cactus Photo

Looks Like Dracaena
Dracaena Look Alike

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