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Ikan Jelawat or Sultan Fish (Leptobarbus hoevenii), a tropical water fish is very easy to rear, do not have to eat much and pretty smart. Now Nov-2008, one of them is about 10.5 inches. The other is almost 9.5 inches. They grew about 1 inch in a year. In this 1 year since they fell sick in Aug-2007, they fell sick again a few times (about twice) after they recovered. As they are bigger now, I had decided to give them the whole of big tank by moving the gold fish to the hospital tank which is about 2 feet.

I did this because the gold fish fell sick very often especially the smaller one. As gold fishes are 'gready and dirty' fishes, water needs to be changed more frequently. This smaller plastic tank is easy to manage and has less water. Changing of water will be easier with smaller tank. Then the water in the big tank will get dirty slower.

So, what did I do that help my Sultan fish? Wah, quite difficult because I have to change the tank water pretty often. 1) I quarantined them after changing water for them. I put very little water, about 4 to 6 inches deep. The tank will be cleaned / wiped everytime the water is changed. 2) I put some salt and some liquid general medicine (green colour) into the water everytime I changed water for them. 3) I changed the water almost everyday (the longest, fortnightly) during the first week of quarantine. Then 3 days to 1 week once. So, they were quarantined about 3 weeks before I put them into normal condition again.

I went through all this trouble because I did not know what caused the sickness. I want to make sure that the tank is free of harmful micro-organisms and their eggs or fungus and their spores. However, this did not help much as they fell sick again after a few months.

So I decided to change the water more frequently for them, about once a month. It has been about 6 months since the last time they fell sick. Fishes fall sick mostly because of bad environmental conditions and chemistry which may be poisonous and kill or weaken them. Then micro-organism or fungus will attack them and not from micro-organisms or fungus first.

Big fishes are strong fishes which seldom fall sick. Even if they do, they can recover quite easily. The bigger they are, the easier for them to recover. So, if your big fishes fall sick, do not give up on them. Liquid general medicine can usually help them to recover.
AhLong, my big Sultan Fish
My Big Ikan Jelawat (L.hoevenii) Photo

Tan-tan, my small Sultan Fish
Tan-Tan (L.hoevenii) Photo

Year 2007 About My Sick Sultan Fish

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