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This hospital tank is a plastic tank measuring about 2 feet. As the total length of my Sultan Fish is already about 20 inches (2008Nov), I had decided to put my gold fish into this hospital tank. Also, gold fish is cold water fish and therefore needs more space. However, sometimes when I change water for this hospital tank, I will put the gold fish in the big tank and let the sucker mouth fish do its 'work' as shown in this link.

I have one Silver Dollar Fish which has grown a lot since it was given to me 1-2 years ago. Its scientific name is Animalia Chordata Actinopterygii Characiformes Characidae Serrasalminae Metynnis argenteus. Sometimes I put it in this hospital tank and sometimes in big tank. It is supposed to be a herbivourous fish but it can eat every type of dried food I gave it. Though herbivoruos, it is very fierce like most of its family type, the Characins. It can bite the other fishes tails. It has bitten AhLong and Tan-Tan's tail.

One of my gold fish is still about 5.5 inches and the other is still about 4.5 inches. They don't seem to grow. As gold fishes are cold water fishes, they are more difficult to rear than sultan fish at room temperature in Malaysia. Anyway, if the water condition or chemistry is ok, they should live just fine in Malaysia.

The sickness or diseases that the gold fish (both fish) got were different from the Sultan Fish (both fish). During the 3 times between Aug-2007 to Nov-2008 that my fishes fell sick, both Gold Fish got red spots and 'cotton patches' while both Sultan Fish got 'cloudy eyes'. Sultan Fish's cloudy eyes sickness can go off in just a day after putting green general medicine the first time they got this sickness. However, they took 2-3 more days the last time they got this desease because the 'cloud' was thicker.

Gold Fish took much longer time to recover especially the red spots. Always look for red spots in Gold Fish because if they got many patches, it would be more difficult for them to recover. I had a Gold Fish which fell very sick before but still can recover. However, it became weak and fell sick more often, so it became more difficult to care for. So, REMEMBER that water space and water chemistry are very important for fishes especially Gold Fish (my gready Gold Fish) as they are cold water fish.

Once in awhile, my sucker mouth fish will stay in this hospital tank to clean the tank. This will keep the tank clean without having to scrub the tank and therefore preventing the plastic tank from scratches. Oh, yes, my Big Gold fish in the picture was not sick. I do not know how the white square spot got there.

Silver Dollar Fish

Silver Dollar Fish

Sucker Mouth Fish

Sucker Mouth Fish in Hospital Tank  

Big Gold Fish
Big Gold Fish

Small Gold Fish

Small Gold Fish

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