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As for the gold fish, one of them is still about 5.5 inches and the other is still about 4.5 inches. They don't seem to grow. As gold fishes are cold water fishes, they are more difficult to rear at room temperature in Malaysia. I had decided to move them into the 2 feet plastic hospital tank.

Gold fishes are very gready fishes. The water can be dirty because they eat a lot. If you want to keep gold fishes, make sure that the pump is very strong in sucking water but soft in releasing water and air. This will keep the water clean and the flow / current of water will not be strong for the gold fishes. This is important because many gold fishes are not strong swimmers.

My carp gold fish are the strongest of all the gold fishes. To check for the health of the fish, look at its dorsal fin, the fin on top. If the fin is straight upright, then it is healthy. A droopy dorsal fin shows that the fish is weak or lethargic and going to fall sick. Unless you are an expert in gold fishes, make sure that you buy those with dorsal fins.

Gold fishes do not mind if you put some salt into their water especially when they are sick. Salt has some anti-bacterial features so it is very good when fishes are sick. And yes, when your fishes are sick always give them medicine and never give up on them. Sick fishes need to be observed for a short while everyday to see if they are healthy.

The photos of my gold fish are very bad. I will try to get better photo for my next update. There eyes are not like that and they are not sick.
Big Gold Fish
Big Gold Fish

Small Gold Fish

Small Gold Fish

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