Recycling is very good because you can earn some money from your 'waste' / unwanted things / garbage apart from doing good deeds to the environment. If you do not sell to people for money, you can take your unwanted things to certain places which accepts things for recycle.

Firstly, separate your unwanted things into 1) glass to put into grey bins, 2) paper into blue bins, 3) aluminium and plastics into orange bins, 4) electronic waste and 5) others. The colour of the bins to put the garbage in are according to Penang / Malaysia colour-code.

Electronic waste can contain poisonous chemical like lead, mercury, etc. This must be properly disposed to the right people. As for food waste, they can either be decomposed in a bin or disposed by garbage trucks. If the usage of the 'waste' materials can be reduced, kindly reduce their usage or give it away to be reused for old things that can still be used.

The Socio-Economic & Environmental Research Institute in Penang made some rough estimation of the energy / cost that can be save when things are recycled. Therefore, keep in ind that these little things can help keep Penang clean in a way that is good to the environment and for its people.
Penang is not a financial hub. It is in manufacturing and tourism sector. However there are many banks branches in Penang. These banks have online banking and facilities. Some local banks (Malaysian Banks) are Maybank, Public Bank, AmBank, CIMB, etc. There are foreign banks too like HSBC in Beach Street, Citibank in Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Standard Chartered Bank in Beach Street, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation in and United Overseas Bank in .

Apart from banks, there are many authorised money changer in Town and Batu Ferringhi areas. Most shopping complexes have ATM and money changer booth.

If you are staying in Malaysia following 'Malaysia My 2nd Home' Program and have lots of money to spare, you can also invest in Stock Market, Unit Trust and Money / Currency Market. In Penang, there are a few stock broking firms like A.A.Anthony Securities, ,etc. As for unit trust, banks are usually the agents, so go to banks to ask about this. Currency / Spot Market is not well known in Malaysia, especially Penang and the risk is much higher, therefore it is not popular. In fact, in Malaysia only licenced onshore banks can trade (buy / sell) foreign currency. Therefore, those small companies are not supposed to do trading.

There are many non-profit organisations in Penang that provide free / cheap services to the less fortunate or capable people like old folks home, medical centres, orphanage, buddhist associations, etc.

For people who have free time and would like to help in community work while relaxing with no 'string attached', do charity work in these organisations for free which I think is a form of non-monetary donation.

Below are some non-profit and charitable organisations that help the less-fortunate people.
  1. The Penang Buddhist Association Senior Citizens' Home, 71, Jalan Perak, 10150 Penang, Malaysia. Their contact number is 604-2268834. Apart from monetary donations, donations like rice, milk. etc can also be made to the above address. Oh yes, this is a 'vegetarian home' for people above 60 years old, so no meat, please.
  2. Eden Handicap Service Centre, C0-09-GF Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang, Jalan Utama, 10450 Penang. Their contact numbers are 604-2282758, 604-6467670. Call them regarding recyclable items.
  3. Penang & Province Wellesley Buddhist Free Clinic, 182, Burma Road, 10050 Penang, Malaysia. Their contact number is 604-2262690. Donations to this fund is for medical purposes. Anyway, it is good to state in your donation that the donation is for medical fund.
Banking Information
Below are some general information on banking issues taken from Bank Negara Malaysia's Booklet printed on 21-Jan-2003. Central Bank of Malaysia has a credit bureau, established under Central Bank of Malaysia Act 1958 which collects information on borrowers and store them in a computerised database called Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS).
The credit reports that can be obtained are
  1. Summary Credit Report - Total credit exposure of borrower
  2. Detailed Credit Report - Specific outstanding credit facilities & new credit applications of borrower
  3. Motor Vehicle Report
  4. Customer Supplementary Information Report - address, tel. no., employers' names and occupation of customer for last three years
Issuing 'Bad' Cheques are bad for you. If you issued 3 bad cheques over 1 12-month period, you will be deemed a 'bad' cheque offender and your current account will be closed and be reported to Credit Bureau. Then all your other cuurent account will be closed. Prohibition period will be imposed depending on the offence level.
If you find error in your credit card statement, you should motify your issuer verbally then write in as soon as posible. If you are still not satisfied, you can still write to The Mediator, Banking Mediation Bureau, 5th Floor MUI Plaza, Jalan P.Ramlee, 50250 KL.
Charge Cards can also be used in Malaysia. Some examples are American Express Card, Diners Club International Card, HSBC Amanah MasterCard. There are differences between Credit Card and Charge Card.
The above information may be outdated. For latest information on Malaysian monetary issues, see Bank Negara Malaysia, Malaysia's Central Bank.

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