Places in Malaysia Site Map Tourism Malaysia   Places in Malaysia These are the photos that I took when I was in Singapore. I went to Jurong bird park but out of battery so no photos. I did not visit the 'tourists parks'. So no photos on plants. The next time when I visit, I take those photos. Oh yes, I had made adjustments to most if not all my photos. If you're interested in the photos, you can contact me at YYOng.      Places in Malaysia
Photos of Scenery
Photos on Singapore must have a Merlion.
Photo of Merlion   Photo of Cable Car to Sentosa

Photos of Animals
Pink Dolphin photo and Dugong photo taken in Sentosa, Singapore.
Photo of Pink Dolphins   Photo of Dugong
Stingray photo and Sharks photo taken in Sentosa, Singapore.
Photo of Stingray   Photo of Sharks
Photo of Butterfly mating (I think) taken in Sentosa, Singapore
Photo of 'Butterfly mating'  

Photos of Plants

Photos of ???
Photo of 3D and 4D shows taken in Sentosa, Singapore. If you do not wear the specs, you will see double image like in the photos.
'Log Ride' photo   4D Magix Show photo

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