Places in Malaysia Site Map Tourism Malaysia   Places in Malaysia These are the photos that I took when I was in China. This was my trip to China and it was during Olympic time. For Malaysian to enter any stadium, you need to get the ticket first which must be bought in Malaysia. I didn't know that, so I did not get to enter the stadium. :-( However, I managed to visit a few places of interest. My favourite is the zoo, as usual. Aiya, I did not get any photograph of the MRT subway and Beijing photographs. If you're interested in the photos, you can contact me at YYOng.      Places in Malaysia
Photos of Scenery
The first 5 photos below were as taken. No software tricks here.
Sun rises at 0545 hrs during month of August in China   Very thick haze when landed in Beijing airport
Beijing landscape from plane   Sky with thick clouds
Hotel at Oriental Plaza   Hotel at Oriental Plaza at night
A very hazy night in Beijing
Hazy sky at night around Oriental Plaza  
Photos of Animals
The 2 photos were as taken. No tricks here.
Lazy panda eating   Rhino without its main horn/tusk/whatever
YYOng and about panda poster  
The best I could get from my cheap auto focus camera.
Dolphin Show   Dolphin Show
Aquarium definitely must be adjusted.
A place in Beijing Zoo's Aquarium   The stringray section, some with long pointed tail, some without
Olympic related photos
Olympic Sites
Bird's nest taken from Ethnic cultural site   Check point to enter the stadium
Olympic Torches
Olympic Torches   Olympic torch 2008
YYOng 'holding' the olympic torch at The Olympic Expo  
Beijing Olympic Medal
About Olympic 2008 Medals   Medal of Olympic Games 2008
Photos of cultural sites

   Olympic stadiums from Ethnic Cultural Site
At Tiananmen
Outside Tiananmen Main Gate   Drawings on the wall at one tiananmen section

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