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Upper Penang Road is the area / road opposite Eastern & Oriental Hotel (E & O Hotel) on one side and opposite Shell petrol station at Penang Road Junction on the other side. It is next to the Esso petrol station on E & O Hotel side.
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The left first row photo shows part of this area from Penang Road view. This area is 'open' (or should I say, the road is closed) for people to sell and buy this on the last Sunday of every month. The things sold here are mostly souvenirs, handicrafts and food.

Apart from these, various kinds of dances and singing are shown. The first time I went there was Aug-2007, a year ago. Various kinds of exercise were shown as shown in the three photographs. The ladies Chin Woo Association members gave a spear fight performance and a fan dance / fight. Hmm. Then there is one exercise show by a fitness association.

The second time was recently, during the celebration for George Town Heritage Listing by UNESCO. The photographs will not be shown here but on Heritage Listing Celebration. Lastly, kindly "Keep Penang Clean".

This area is busy at night when the restaurants around there opened for business. This area is 'open' (or should I say, the road is closed) for people to sell and buy this on the last Sunday of every month from morning to about 5:00pm. Lastly, kindly "Keep Penang Clean".
Coming events - the last Sunday of every month
Upper Penang Road area
Photo of Upper Penang Road area
Presentation by women chin woo
Photo of presentation by women chin woo
Fan Dance Group
Photo of Fan Dance Group
Presentation by a fitness group
Photo of a fitness group

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