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Snake Temple is situated in Bayan Lepas area, south Penang Island, a little off the Bayan Lepas main road. Like most if not all temples, it is open to all and entrance is FREE, so kindly donate some money (RM1.00 or RM2.00 will do) when visiting. It survive mainly on donations and preceeds from sales of thing in the Temple.

The left first row photo shows the temple from the road walking towards the main entrance. The right first row photo and the second row photos show the famous 'green snakes' in the temple. Those first two photos on the right with green snakes were taken from the tree on the left photo. So, how many snakes can you find on the tree? Lousy photos, right? ;-) I can't find the snakes on the tree too. Roughly from 6 to 10.

The left last row photo was taken at the door out to the back area from the room next to the 'snakes tree' area. Go straight to see the Kuan Yin temple behind that area. The right last row photo shows the Kuan Yin building. Some temple stuffs and books can be bought there.

This is about all in Snake Temple. It is famous for the snakes living in the temple. The number of snakes decreased a lot since the 'olden days'. This may be caused by the smoke from the burning joss stick. So, I think 'lotus candles' should be used to pray instead of joss stick or minimise the usage of joss stick by using 1 joss stick per person.

Opening time is hrs and closing time is hrs. Entrance is free.
Coming events - none
Snake Temple
Photo of Snake Temple
Snake Temple's Green Snakes
Photo of Snake Temple's Green Snakes
Tree where Green Snakes live
Photo of Tree where Green Snakes live
Snake Temple's Green Snake
Photo of Snake Temple's Green Snake
Back area of Snake Temple
Photo of Back area of Snake Temple
Kuan Im's Building
Photo of Kuan Im's Building

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