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Reclining Buddha Temple is located somewhere near Pulau Tikus police station. It is a Thai Buddhist Temple called Wat Chaiyamangalaram.

The left first row photo shows the entrance gate into the compound of the temple. The right first row photo and the left second row photo show the building where the reclining buddha is. The Reclining Buddha is almost as long the the building. I guess this is why this temple is the most famous and popular temple in Penang.

So, interested in its history? Well, this temple was built on a land donated by Queen Victoria of England to the Thai community in Penang. This land was handed over by the W.L Butterworth of the East India Company in 1845. The main shrine and pagoda was built in around 1900. The pagoda is situated behind the main shrine and is about 50 m tall with 9-storeys.

The most well known feature in this temple is the reclining buddha which was built in 1948. It is 33m long headgear to toe. Below and behind the platform where the statue lies are urns that keep the ashes of the dead. Apart from this, are statues of buddha representing the chinese zodiac years and the days in a week. Statues of other deities can also be found.

In front of this main shrine are 4 sea-serpents, 2 are Thai sea-serpents with 7 heads each and the other 2 are Chinese sea-serpents with one dragon head each. I guess these creatures are the protector of the temple. Snake was shown to shelter buddha when he was meditating. To the Chinese, dragon symbolises mystical power and ability because it encompasses the earth, sea and sky. Then other smaller shrines were built. I will give other photos in my next update.

This place is a popular tourist destination mainly because tour companies like to bring tourists here. Lastly, entrance is FREE and kindly give some donations to the temple while visiting here. Thank you.

Opening time is hrs and closing time is hrs. Entrance fee is RM (year 2013 price).
Coming events - Songkran Festival, Loy Kratong, Wesak day.
Entrance into Reclining Buddha Temple
Photo of Entrance into Reclining Buddha Temple
Reclining Buddha's Building
Photo of Reclining Buddha's Building
Reclining Buddha's Building
Photo of Reclining Buddha's Building
Reclining Buddha Statue
Photo of Reclining Buddha Statue
One statue representing year of Cock
One statue representing year of Cock
Slots for urns
Slots for urns

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