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Kek Lok Si Temple is in Air Hitam area, somewhere in the centre of the island. This temple is located on hill slope as can be seen in the photographs. On the way to the temple, by the road side, the left second row photo can be taken.
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The left first row photo shows the Pagoda and the right photo shows Kuan Im Statue. The first row photos were taken inside the temple in the area where entrance is free.

The right second row photo shows the section where there are many different buddhas. This is the first building upon entering the Pagoda area. Oh yes, the entrance into the pagoda area is not free. The last time I went was RM2.00 per person.

The third row photos were taken inside the Pagoda area too. The right photo was taken looking down from the sixth / seventh floor of the Pagoda. The left forth row photo is the buddha statue sitting at the entrance to the stairs up the Pagoda. Visitors can take some jostick for free to pray in the Pagoda.

The right forth row photo shows the Kuan Im statue. It was taken in Kuan Im's area. Cars can be driven up to this area but carpark charge is RM2.00 per entrance. Another method is to take the 'Inclined Lift' or cable car from a building next to the temple.

The fifth / last row photos was taken in Kuan Im's area. The left photo shows the section of Kuan Im's area which is still under construction. The right photo shows the place where tickets for the 'Inclined Lift' or cable car to the Pagoda can be bought.The charge is RM2.00 per way for adult and RM1.00 per way for children.

Before I end, I think I should give a little history about this temple. Kek Lok Si Temple also known as the Temple of Supreme Bliss is an education centre for Buddhism and Taoism. It was founded by venerable Beow Lean who came down from China in 1885 at an age of 41 to collect donation to renovate a temple in China. However, the trustees of Kuan Yin temple in Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling asked him to build a temple in Penang instead. So, he founded this temple Kek Lok Si in 1891 and was made the first abbott. The construction of the temple was done in 1893, having a few shrines and prayer halls.

Then in around 1913, the Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas was built. The foundation stone was laid by the Thai ruler during that time. It has 7 tiers and a height of about 30 m. As the pagoda was built using the donations from China, Thai and Burma, this pagoda incorporates 3 designs from this countries. The chinese octagonal base, the Thai middle tier and the burmese crown. The building of this pagoda and its surrounding took about 15 years to complete. It was said that the Manchu Emperor, Emperor Guangxu gave a tablet and 70,000 voulumes of the Imperial version of the Buddhist Sutra to Kek Lok Si Temple. I have not seen these sutras on display (hmm, did I miss them?) or maybe the sutras are kept in some secret place and we need to ask to see them.

In 2002, a bronze statue of Kuan Yin with a height of 30m was completed. It was made from material from China mainly from an airlines in China. Behind this statue is a stone sculpture of Buddhist teaching which measures about 7 m high and 20 m long. A pavillion or shelter for the Kuan Yin statue which was built I guess about 4 years ago, was completed in early Dec-2009 and its light was lit. This pavillion has 3 tiers and a height of 40.9 m. The official opening was held on the 06-Dec-2009 recently. It cost about RM40 million.

On the way up to this temple, there are many shops selling souvenirs, nutmeg products and clothes. Before reaching the temple, there is a liberation where people can release turtles into it. You can buy some vegetables to feed the turtles if you like.

Lastly, entrance is FREE up to certain sections of the temple. However, entrance into the pagoda area is RM2.00 per person and the fare for the cable car to pagoda is RM2.00. The carpark is RM2.00 for car and RM1.00 for bikes. Still, I think this place is quite cheap so do visit this place when you come to Penang.

Daily opening time is 0700 hrs and closing time is 2100 hrs. A few days during chinese new year, this temple will close later than normal days. (year 2013 price).
Coming events : 2010 Chinese New Year light-up
Kek Lok Si Temple's Pagoda
Photo of Kek Lok Si Temple's Pagoda
Kuan Im Statue
Photo of Kuan Im Statue
Kek Lok Si Temple from road side
Photo of Kek Lok Si Temple from road side
Pagoda's Area
Photo of Pagoda's Area
Pagoda's Area
Photo of Pagoda's Area
Part of Temple from Pagoda
Photo of Part of Temple from Pagoda
Buddha's Statue at Entrance into Pagoda
Photo of Buddha's Statue at Entrance into Pagoda
Kuan Im from Kuan Im's Area
Photo of Kuan Im from Kuan Im's Area
Kuan Im from Kuan Im's Area
Photo of Kuan Im from Kuan Im's Area
Inclined Lift's Building
Photo of Inclined Lift's Building
Kuan Im Pavillion
Kuan Im Pavillion
Opening Ceremony of Pavillion
Opening Ceremony of Pavillion

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