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Penang Yong Tau Fu (Chinese)
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Yong Tau Fu consists mostly of a selection of stuffed food with 'fishball ingredients'. Fishball ingredients (instead of making it into round shape) are used to stuff inside 'taufu' or soft bean curd in Penang, 'taukua' or hard-skinned bean curd, taupok (made of soy bean and is spongy), brinjal, lady's finger, chili, etc. Other food for selection are fishball, meatball, sotong ball, 'sui kau' or minced prawn wrapped in wheat sheet, 'taukee' or soy sheet, cuttlefish, intestine, pig's blood and some vegetables.
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Yong Tau Fu usually goes with yam rice or noodles like tang hun, bihun or mee and sweet sauce. A selection of food can range from RM0.60 to RM1.50 (year 2013 price). For example cuttle fish and yam rice and maybe intestine are RM1.00 per selection. The others are mostly RM0.60 per selection. This food is a 'normal' food but 'special' in the sense that not many places have it.
Penang Yong Tau Fu
Penang Yong Tau Fu

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