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Penang Ju Hoo Eng Chai (Chinese)
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Ju Hoo Eng Chai is more of an appetiser than main course food. Ju hoo means cuttlefish and eng chai is kangkung or water spinach. The other ingredients are hai thay or jellyfish, slightly grinded groundnuts and some sesame seed. The sauces added to them are sweet sauce paste (in form of paste because the cuttlefish, kangkung or water spinach and jellyfish are dipped into hot/boiling water for a short moment to warm them up.) and chili sauce.
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The smallest size is RM5.00 per plate (year 2013 price). This food is not easily found in coffee shops because it is more expensive and more of eating for fun food.
Penang Ju Hoo Eng Chai
Penang Ju Hoo Eng Chai

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