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1. Northern Perlis
Below were a few places that I have been or just passed by.
  1. Padang Besar
    At Padang Besar Railway Station
    Padang Besar is the northern most railway station in Malaysia and is one of the most important station in Malaysia. It is a point of entrance from Thailand. Ekspres Langkawi train reaches Padang Besar from south at about 0910 hrs daily
  2. Gua Kelam / Dark Cave
    Stalactite in Dark Cave
    Dark Cave is just a small cave, has a Recreational Park at the other end and and entrance / exit to another cave on top of it. However, before you reach this place you will pass through another place where you can take a train ride into another cave. The opening hours are from 8am to 5pm daily. Entrance fee is RM1.
  3. Lake Timah Tasoh
    Lake Timah Tasoh
    Take a bus or cab from the above mentioned places to the southern area, you will pass through Lake Timah Tasoh which has a resort for those interested to stay around there for a few days.
2. Western side of Perlis
I have not been to these places so no photos for you. Maybe some other time.
  1. Kuala Perlis
    Kuala Perlis is about 12 km from Kangar and is one of the 3 places where you can go to Langkawi apart from using airplane. Near this place is the Kota Kayang Museum where the ancient Indera Kayangan Fort once stood. It displays archaeological relics and royal regalia. Admission is free and is opened daily at 9am.
  2. Snake & Recreational Farm
    This farm is about 10 km from Kangar and was once a research centre to study snakes. It is opened daily starting from 9am withan adult feee of Rm4. Call them for further information.
  3. Harumanis Plantation
    Harumanis is a good place to visit during the fruiting season around April to May. A varieties of mangoes are sold and some made into juices and jams. The admission is free and opeining hours are 8am to 5 pm.
3. Southern Perlis
  1. Perlis River Bridge
    Kangar is the capital of Perlis. It does not have many places to visit. I was told that the State Museum in Kangar was moved to Kuala Perlis. However, it is a bus hub for Perlis.
  2. Arau
    Arau Palace
    Arau is the state's royal town. The Sultan's palace, the Royal Gallery next to the palace, the State mosque opposite the palace and the Railway station behind the mosque are located in Arau. The train from Arau towards south departs about 1726 hrs.
4. Other Places

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