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Taiping Kuala Kangsar Hulu Perak Kinta Valley
1. Taiping (Historical Sites)
Taiping is situated north-west of Ipoh. It was a very popular place when tin mining was active and was known as Klian Puah.
Perak Museum
  1. British Resident's Residence
  2. Perak Museum is Malaysia's first or oldest museum, situated near Taiping Lake Garden. It was built in 1883.
  3. Taiping Lake Gardens is Malaysia's first cultivated garden located in Taiping town. It was established in 1884 and started as tin mine in 1880.
  4. Taiping Zoo is located inside Taiping Lake Gardens and is Malaysia's first zoo established in around 1880.
  5. Maxwell Hill can be said as the first hill resort in Malaysia.
2. Kuala Kangsar (Royal Town of Perak)
Kuala Kangsar town is located next to the Perak River, north-west of Ipoh before reaching Taiping. It is also known as the Royal Town of Perak.
Kuala Kangsar's Clock Tower
  1. The Royal Museum (Istana Kenangan) was previously a royal residence but was turned into a museum.
  2. Iskandariah Palace is located in Bukit Chandan and is the official residence of the Perak Sultan.
  3. Ubudiah Mosque
    I like to call Ubudiah Mosque as Perak's Royal Mosque because it is located in the area surrounding Perak Sultan's Palace.
  4. Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery is also located in Bukit Chandan next to Istana Kenangan. Now, this place displays books, articles about the current Sultan of Perak and sells souvenirs.
3. Hulu Perak Area (Nature & Eco-tourism sites)
  1. Temenggor Lake
  2. Raban Lake
  3. Lata Kekabu & Tanjung Kala
  4. Gendang Cave
  5. Badak & Harimau caves
4. Kinta Valley (Perak's administration area)
Ipoh City Hall
  1. Ipoh KTM is the main railway station in Perak, located opposite Ipoh City Hall.
  2. Darul Ridzuan Museum is located just about 1.5 km from Ipoh KTM station.
  3. Birch Memorial Tower is located opposite Perak's State Mosque.
  4. Sam Poh Tong
  5. Gua Tempurung is located 25 km south of Ipoh and is about 1.9 km long.

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