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1. Kota Bahru
Below were a few places places of interest.
  1. Jahar Palace
    Jahar Palace is now a museum that shows the traditions and customs of the royalties. It is situated in the area around Jalan Hilir Kota.
  2. Royal Museum / Batu Palace
    Royal Museum / Batu Palace keeps the royal collection, artiliaries and some history about the royalties. It is situated in the area around Jalan Hilir Kota.
  3. Grand Palace
    Grand Palace is not opened to public. Previously it was the Sultans resting place and was built by Sultan Muhammad II. Now, it is used for royal functions. Therefore, I did not enter. Just outside its main gate, is the Pitis Bank. These 2 are situated in the area around Jalan Hilir Kota.
  4. Merdeka Square, Kota Bahru
    Merdeka Square, Kota Bahru is situated just opposite of the Grand Palace and has a war memorial inside its compound. The Islamic Museum is situated opposite this Merdeka Square and next to the Al-Muhammadi Mosque. The Islamic Museum was closed for renovation when I was there.
  5. War Museum
    War Museum is situated next to Islamic Museum and opposite the the Merdeka Square. It is also known as the Kerapu Bank. I consider this as around Jalan Hilir Kota area.
  6. Handicraft Museum
    Handicraft Museum is situated in Handicraft Villages which is very near Royal Museum and Siti Khadijah Market Area. One Tourism Malaysia office is just next to it.
  7. Al-Muhammadi Mosque
    Al-Muhammadi Mosque is situated next to the Islamic Museum opposite the Jahar Palace on one side and opposite Merdeka Square on another side.
  8. Kampung Laut Mosque
    Kampung Laut Mosque is situated in Nilam Puri, not far away from Kota Bahru. It is said to be one of the oldest in Malaysia.
2. Tumpat
Below were a few places places of interest.
  1. Wat Phothivihan
    Wat Phothivihan is situated in Kampung Jambu in Tumpat. It is believed that it has the longest reclining buddha statue in South East Asia.
  2. Wat Machimmaran
    Wat Machimmaran is situated in Kampung Bunuhan in Tumpat. It is believed that it has the second largest sitting buddha statue in South East Asia.
  3. Wat Pikulthong
    Wat Pikulthong is also situated in Tumpat. It has a very big standing buddha statue with 2 smaller standing buddhas statues in front of it. It seems that somewhere else in Tumpat, there is another wat with standing buddha statue much taller than Pikulthong.
  4. Wat Mai Suwankhiri
    Wat Mai Suwankhiri is situated in Tumpat about 3km from Wat Phikulthong. This wat is famous for its temple that has a very big standing buddha statue and a big boat surrounded by 4 big sea serpents.
3. Gua Musang
Below were a few places places of interest that I have been.
  1. Temiar Aborigine Village
    Temiar Aborigine Village is situated in Gua Musang District, Kelantan. It is about 1 hour drive from Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. From Penang, using the North-South Highway, turn out at the Simpang Pulai Toll Plaza and use the Simpang Pulai Cameron Highlands road.
  2. Temiar Rafflesia Sanctum is situated in Temiar Aborigine Forest in Gua Musang District. The main entrance is about 45 minutes drive from Temiar Aborigine Village.
4. Coastal Area
Below were a few places places of interest that I have been.
  1. Pantai Sabak
    Pantai Sabak is situated near the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport. Pantai Kuala Pak Amat is also situated near the airport, about 2km from Pantai Sabak. This coast has no beach but a long retaining wall made from big rocks next to a road.
  2. Sultan Ismail Petra Airport
    The Sultan Ismail Petra Airport is situated between Pantai Sabak and Simpang Tiga where a Peace Monument and a War Memorial can be seen.
5. Other Places
  1. Kelantan State Museum
    Kelantan State Museum is situated about 1 km from Jalan Hilir Kota area. One of the landmark is the clock tower which does not function anymore. The Cultural Centre is situated a little further down from the State Museum after the police station, near or next to the State Public Library, opposite Kota Bahru Silver Jubilee Hall.

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