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Selangor is a state located . Its latitute coordinate is about o'N and longitude coordinate is about o'E. Selangor has population of about million with Malays, chinese and indians. Majority of its people speaks Bahasa Malaysia / Melayu. Most of the places of interest in Selangor are ... .

Selangor has a land area of km2. The land is built of built-up of .... . The Main Range (Titiwangsa Range) passes through the eastern side of Selangor. This made Selangor rich in flora, fauna and also natural ecological structures like caves, lakes and rivers. The jungle consists of Tropical Rainforest, Recreational forest and Mangroves forest. There are natural lakes like and man-made lakes like . The rivers are also popular for white-water rafting activities.

The capital of Selangor is Shah Alam. I have not been to Kuantan and therefore would not want to comment on it. The KTM railway track passes through Selangor from ... . Selangor state airport, ... is located at the ... .

Beautiful historical places ... . Nature lovers and eco-tourist can get away to .

Frankly speaking, I do not know about the food in Selangor. As the only places I been in Selangor are ... , I have not tried their local food.

Lastly, if you were to visit any where in Selangor, Kindly keep the places clean by throwing rubbish into rubbish bins.
Selangor's Flag & Emblem
Flag of Selangor Emblem of Selangor

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