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Istana Kenangan is located on Bukit Chandan in Kuala Kangsar, Perak near the Sultan Perak's Palace. It was built in around 1926 as a royal residence.
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I would say that it has a Malay architecture and the design is the malay house. If not mistaken, it is supposed to look like a keris from the top. It was made from hardwood and some part were weived using pandanus leaves. It was built without using a single nail.

Now, this place is a museum which showcase the Royal regalia and about the history of the royal family. As we were short of time and I was limping, I just made a round inside without really looking at anything except a few photographs of the outer part of the building.

Oh yes, photograph is not allowed to be taken inside the building. Lastly, kindly help keep Kuala Kangsar clean by throwing rubbish into proper place.
Perak's Flag & Emblem
Flag of Perak Emblem of Perak
Istana Kenangan / Royal Museum
Istana Kenangan / Royal Museum
Istana Kenangan's Roof
Istana Kenangan's Roof
Istana Kenangan's Wall
Istana Kenangan's Wall

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