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Porta De Santiago is located at the southeast foothill of St. Paul's Hill. It is the only structure left as the ruin of a fort called A Famosa which means the Famous. It was one of the 4 main entrance of the fort.
A Famosa was built by the Portuguese in 1512 after they took over from the Melaka Sultanate. It had 4 main doors and each door had a name. The doors are Porta De Santiago, Porta De Sao Domingos and Porta De Santo Antonio. Another door was the gate of the custom house. This fort had a school, churches, officers residence, houses, hospitals and town hall.
When the Dutch took over Malacca, everything that was Portuguese was destroyed except the church called 'Madre de Deus' and I guess St Paul's Church too were left but badly damaged by the Dutch. The Dutch then put three alphabets, VOC at the top of the gate that leads into the fort.
When the British took over Malacca, William Faquhar of Britain wanted to pull down A Famosa but the order was intervened by Sir Stamford Raffles and Lord Minto in 1808 but what remained is the Porta De Santiago, the southeast wing gate.
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Cultural Museum or Melaka Sultanate Place was modeled after the 15th century Melaka Sultanate Palace from drawing in the Malay Annals. It was built without using a single nail. It is also known as the cultural museum and displays the Melaka history and culture. I did not go inside the gate and therefore did not take any photo of it. However, I got a photo of a small model of it in Staythuys.

Proclaimation of Independence Memorial was built around 1911 and was previously the Malacca Club. It has a mixed local and British architecture. It is located opposite Bandar Hilir or Dataran Pahlawan where Tunku Abdul Rahman announced the date of independence on the 20-Feb-1956. Because of this, this building was made into a memorial or muzium showing the struggle for independence. Outside the building is the Merdeka car and 2 armoured cars used during Emergency.

Melaka Stamp Museum was built in the 1600s and was occupied by the Westerhout until 1930. It is the first state museum after independence.

Lastly, kindly help keep Malacca clean by throwing rubbish into proper place.
View of Porta De Santiago from top of St Paul's Hill.
Porta De Santiago from top of St Paul's Hill
Model of A Famosa in 1620s, taken from Stadthuys, the History Museum.
Model of A Famosa
A model of Melaka Sultanate Palace from the Stadthuy.
Model of the Melaka Sultanate Palace
Proclaimation of Independence Memorial
Proclaimation of Independence Memorial
Melaka Stamp Museum
Malacca Stamp Museum

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